Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have to admit it.
I'm not a good friend sometimes.
Like over the summer.
I do have an explanation, even though it's the worst explanation ever.
Deep breath.

I'm lazy.

There, I said it, now don't go laughing or crying or running off. I'm sure you all suffer from this problem, too. Am I not right? Like sometimes when you do a whole bunch in the morning and then you eat lunch, and all you want to do after that is loaf around and read/watch tv/surf the net. And you'd love to see your friends, but since calling them requires getting up and picking up the phone... it's too much work.

This disease also falls in the category of "wanting-to-exercise-but-too-lazy"-ness. You know, when you promise to yourself that you will exercise every day to get your "summer swimsuit body" but each day you're "too tired" or "will do it tomorrow"...

I hate to say it, but I can totally be that kind of person sometimes.


Karina said...

Haha I totally know what you mean.
I'm such a procrastinator.