Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Giving is Groovy

Sorry bout the title.
I couldn't think of anything else, and the blood bank gave a shirt that said "Giving is Groovy" to my dad after he donated blood.
I just donated hair, so... I thought that the title was appropriate!

Just for you, I (and my mom) took some pictures of my transformation. It's pretty big.

These are taken in the car before we got to the salon/barber shop place. You can't really tell in these pictures, but my hair is (was) more than halfway down my back.

Oh. You can tell in this picture :)
Also. Ignore the she-man face on my barber gown that you can see in the mirror. He was freaking me out, especially when my hair fell on him, and made it look like he had really gross facial hair.

When someone is giving hair to people who need wigs (cancer, hair loss, etc.), the hair needs to be sent to the foundation (I did Pantene Beautiful Lengths this time) in a bag, and tied up in a rubberband. I have donated hair before, so I knew to tie my hair up in multiple hairbands, because that way, my hair is less likely to be seriously deformed... In this picture, Rachel is cutting off the second to last rubberband-held hair group.

There's some of my hair. It doesn't look like much, but believe me. There was a lot of it.

Rachel wanted to take a picture with me, and when we first posed, she put her fingers up like I did in this picture. So, then I put up my fingers..and she put hers down. FAIL.
Btdubs. at this point, I was feeling super ugly and afro-ish because I was going into shock after losing all that hair. Plus, I had just spent an hour underneath a blanket with an ugly womanman on it.... in the summer heat. I was really hot.

Me trying to feel good about my hair. Plus my arm looks kind of muscular.

Turning my head sideways and letting my hair fall... so it looked less big.
(you can probably tell by the sideways towels.)

Tying up my hair (finally!) and feeling pretty cool.


Karina said...

Oh my gosh Allison I love it!
Cant wait to see it.
See you in a few hours!