Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hey- remember when I was obsessing over mini things? (wasn't too long ago...)
I forgot one on the list:

Mini Golf!

That's right, I'm ashamed to admit I forgot one of the funnest! I'll go curl up in a ball and cry... just kidding. ANYHoo...I went recently with my lovely friend Marina and my youth group, and we had bunches of fun.

Here we are in front of the castle, the 2nd hole on the East side of Golfland. (I'm not really sure why they need to have a east and west do they know it's not really north and south? But they're both fun, so I don't really mind!)

This is a random "oriental" pagoda that was one of the decorations on the "Passage to the Orient". Is it just me, or did "oriental" become politically incorrect like 5 years ago?

Marina humoring me and posing with the baby house thing (seaside storage, whatever) which was right next to a huge fountain/lake...

OOOHHhhh... That baby house thing was "The Blue Tavern" Lighthouse!! Now you can see how small it actually is... I totally tried to go inside, but they lock it up so that they can store extra golf clubs and stuff in there... I think. Really, I might pay extra just to go inside those mini places if they were furnished and stuff... wouldn't you? They should take that into consideration. :)

Yeah, the number of golf balls here isn't the number of people who attended. No, one of the groups spent their entire time looking through bushes and stuff for lost golf balls (all boys). Those are the golf balls they found. And not even all of them. They found 64. in total. not counting their own that they bought. I mean really, how many people lose their balls and just stop playing? I think that if I lost my ball, I would keep looking until I found my own, or another one, right?

Afterwards, we went to the arcade and spent our hard earned tickets on these nifty things... vampire teeth! Oh yeah, baby. Marina especially looks like a hungry vampire *cough Victoria cough* because her eyes are red. Apparently my camera thinks that red eyes are funny and fails at red eye reduction... and my teeth look like they're on crooked. Anyhoo...after these pictures, we threw the teeth away. Because they didn't fit our teeth, and they hurt, and I was afraid they'd mess up all my dentistry! Plus, if Stephenie Meyer got vampires right, we wouldn't really have fangs... :)

We spent the rest of our tickets on Baby Bottle Pops, Lemonheads, and Smarties. yum! Don't worry, I did not buy the flower... I just stole it off a bush to put in Marina's hair. It looked great.

So Golfland was a blast. Nothing that I learned in golf class helped me, but of course, that's to be expected. :) Marina made me laugh the entire time, and she's even laughing while she chomps on giraffe meat!