Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How to: Make a Ribbon Flower

You may not know this about me... but I am a total craft geek.
I love to make things pretty and make pretty things!
So today, I will show you how to make something super simple, and super cute.
drumroll please....

Ribbon Flowers!

I've narrowed the process down to 10 simple steps, so here we go!

1. Get a piece of Ribbon
Preferably one made out of fabric, because the flowers made out of wrapping-presents-ribbon look poopy. It can be any length you want it to be, just remember that the more ribbon you have, the more petals... and also, when you're cutting your ribbon, remember, it's easier to make short a long ribbon than make long a short ribbon...because the latter is basically impossible. Take it from me. I've tried.

2. Fold the ribbon
Right in the very middle, fold the ribbon so that you have a right triangle, meaning the angle isn't too big or too small, it's 90 degrees (approximately).

3. Fold again
Take one side of the ribbon (ribbon side A), and fold it over the triangle you created in the first step. You should now have a square-looking-thing.

4. And again
Fold the other side of the ribbon (the one you didn't just fold over, ribbon side B) and fold that one over ribbon side A. Keep going...

5. Just keep folding...
Pretty soon, you'll have this:


6. Let go
But not of all of the ribbon. Take the two sides of the ribbon that you have on the top, and pinch them between your fingers. Then, let the rest fall. You'll have a thing that's kind of like a slinky... jack in the box body.... kind of thing!

7. Pull!
Take that part that you're pinching and put it between your fingers... and grip it. Grab one ribbon side (A or B) and pull. When you get close to pulling it all the way into a flower (you'll understand once you make the flower yourself), watch the flower to make sure the inside looks good. You can pull the ribbon more to make the inside curve in a different way, if you want to.

8. The End Product:
A pretty flower!

9. Extra Tips.
I said it before, but I'll say it again. The more ribbon you fold, the more petals you have. Here's a flower with more petals than the other one I made.

10. Do the Tango
Or whatever that dance is where people carry roses in their mouths....