Friday, July 3, 2009

New York, New York!

My orchestra went on tour to New York 2 weeks ago.
Being the photo-goddess I am (haha) I took plenty of pics to go around!
Knock yourselves out.

1. The Bus Ride
Aww. Look at Megan and Jesse's beautiful smiles!! Those two (especially Megan) made me smile nonstop during the trip. :)
The bus was, like, buzzing with energy. Everyone was so excited to be off that 6 hour plane ride and in a new state!

2. Hotel Lobby
Yeah. So, there were these adorable vintage-style phones next the
concierge desk. SO CUTE!!
Everyone was posing with them, but little did we know,
it called the concierge each time the phone was picked up.
(Which is pointless if you ask me...)
Then the lady at the concierge desk came over and yelled at us.

P.S. During the photo, I had no idea that Henry was behind me. CREEPER! :)

3. Fake Statue of Liberty
On our third day, we took a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty.
At the park around the dock, there were all these men dressed up as Lady Liberty. (I say men, because when they talked, they had man voices. Really, if I were a man, I would not dress up as a woman statue for money. humiliating)
My group took a picture with one of the guys, except he didn't ask for money until after we took the picture. Which is kind of illegal.
So we ran away.
I was so scared while we were running that he would come running after us, holding that green dress and try and hit us with the torch or something.

P.S. You can barely see the she-man. He's partly covered by the flag. I'm in the middle in black/gray.

4. Feet
One of the guys in my group, Kyle has big-ish feet. Size 14.
Mine are a 6 1/2.
You can't really tell in this picture, but his feet are more than twice the size of mine.

And my toes can't even touch the end of his shoe when I put my foot in!
(ignore the unflattering shot of my leg)

5. Dear Spongebob Popsicle
Why do you have chipmunk teeth?
And why in the world would Henry ever want to eat you?

6. M&M World
umm.. I think that I will have quintuplets just so that my babies can wear these adorable onesies from M&M World. Who cares if they're, like, $25 each?

7. Carnegie Hall
We were blessed to be able to play at this beautiful (and prestigious) building. I didn't take pictures inside because it was illegal. But I bet I can tell you who did take those pictures...
*cough everyone in the entire audience cough*


Karina said...

I totally saw these at M&M world this weekend!
SO cool.