Friday, July 3, 2009

Pirates of the Caribbean

So, Pirates of the Caribbean.
Umm.. yeah. It took me a while to watch it. Don't judge.
Let's just's not on my list of amazing movies.

The critic in me says:

It doesn't even make the top 50. Pirates 1 was mediocre.
The rest... went to Davy Jones' locker. literally.
It was a mess of everything you could possibly put in a pirate movie- and more
and the only thing that saved it was Johnny Depp.

hilarious, "him is" as Tia Dalma would say.

oh.....and Orlando Bloom :)
Except it really wasn't even saved, because I didn't cry.
And I cry in
every movie I watch. literally.
Plus, who really needs to see an 2 and a half hours of nonstop fighting?
3 stars for the trilogy. max.

On the other hand, my "just enjoy the movie" side says:
This movie was fun! Just because it made no sense and barely had a plot doesn't construe a reason to hate it! I laughed even at the jokes that weren't funny. And went back for a round two just a week after finishing the series!

I guess I really can't make up my mind about whether it was a good movie or not because "good" and "enjoyable" are in different places in my book.

What do you think of the movies?