Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shopping with Karina

I'm not usually a shopper.
I love going to vintage/consignment stores, but malls aren't really my thing. When I do go to malls, though, I have bunches of fun. Today I went to Valley Fair mall with my bestie Karina. We spent a few hours trying on clothes, joking around, eating sushi, and just having a great time. We encountered a couple of strange objects...

Strange Object #1

Right here, Karina appears to be wearing wannabe Kanye West sunglasses. Normally, Kanye glasses are funny, but wannabe ones are just roll-on-the-floor silly. Instead of lines, the glasses are little holes poked in a piece of plastic and fashioned into a sunglass-shape. LAME-O.

Strange Object #2

Karina is wearing something no one will EVER buy. ever. I call it "the ugliest hair thing in the world that uses brown barbie hair and pink feathers and has been put through a blender."

I would have had many more entries under "strange objects found at Claire's" but the lady working there told us to get rid of the camera. Then when we bought headbands she was extremely rude to us. I think she was jealous of Karina's ability to pull off strange hair objects.

One last thing for you-

Karina pretending to be a Vanessa Hudgens Lady Gaga wannabe.
(in case you didn't catch that, watch Vanessa's hair in the HSM3 prom scene, and Lady Gaga's hands in her Just Dance video.)

Actually don't watch the Just Dance video. Because it is completely inappropriate and even thought she's a very talented singer, she wastes her talent on poopy songs.

But do watch High School Musical. It rocks my socks.