Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Karina!

Just a virtual shout-out to one of my besties!
Karina- I love laughing with you,
love watching and talking about The Office/Glee/Friends with you,
love griping about school work with you,
love studying for SATs with you,
love complaining about boyfriends (or lack there of),
love listening to music and chillin',
love pretending to be gangsta (even though you can pull it off and I can't),
love fighting over which Jonas brother we like more,
love dancing crazy dances with you-just because we can,
and most of all...
I love that you're YOU! (however cheesy that may sound... :D)

Karina and I being cool and dancing while getting ready for our school dance.
(fast foward to 0:13 to see when it gets REALLY good... and ignore me yelling at the cameraman, Karina's brother..heehee)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Something cute...

I was looking around on my school's website,
when I came upon this adorable picture underneath the "First Week of School for Freshmen" bulletin.

"Cheer up, Jimmy! I heard school is fun!"

AWW!! Jimmy is adorable.

One more... Far Side, anyone?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Karina + Allison = FUN!!

At least that's what Karina called it.
Our photoshoot, that is.
Yeah, photoshoots are tons of fun. Lots of laughing, silly posing... and eating. :D
Here are a couple of goodies. (I took the pictures of Karina, and she took the ones of me!)

She's a sweetie.

I love how the colors of Karina's skirt go with the foliage and the fence perfectly.

Why do I have a confuzzled look on my face? Maybe because I'm looking into the sun...?

Karina from Excorcist. This was actually a mistake with the camera... but it looked cool and creepy!

We got the idea for this one when Karina threw off her shoes onto the grass and was about to leave.. I was like, "NO! WAIT!!" And then I took a picture of the shoes.

Karina, why do you always out- amazing me?

Karina is a babe. A babe in hot pumps.

So sue me. I get crazy sometimes when my dress twirls in cool ways.

I really like how Karina black-and-white-d this one. I also love her leather jacket. I look like Zac Efron in 17 Again.

You can tell I'm an amateur at this modeling business. I always end up laughing!

Okay... that last picture may not be totally acurate... :) I may or may not have photoshopped Karina onto an American flag. But in my defense, she looked like she was saluting!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Note to Self

Note to self:
When your hair is short, and you sleep in curlers for the first day of school, you end up looking like Marilyn Monroe.

Camping is fun!

I've been gone for quite a while.
I went camping... and I went to school!
But, first things first. Camping.

Getting ready for camping...packing all our bags in our Honda Odyssey!

The view from the mountain on our hour-and-a-half car ride. The ride that was extremely windy and made both me and Mathew carsick.

Did you know? We own a trippy tent.

Yup. A trippy tent that looks like a amateur tent next to our friend's HUGE mansiontent.

There was a creek by our campsite, so of course all the boys had to play. And get wet. And soak through their one pair of shoes. Voila! The shoe tree was planted.

In addition to growing a shoe tree, we also grilled shoes for dinner. Tasty!

My wonderful mom cutting up Asian pears (from our own backyard) for a yummy fruit salad!
Who says that camping food stinks?

There is nothing better than Spiderman and Disney Princess campfire chairs.

I think of myself as a creator of amazing marshmallows. The secret? Put them right next to the bottom of a log, where it's red from the heat, but there's no flame.

That's how the inside of your marshmallow gets all liquidy and yummy.
(Ignore my dirt-filled nails. That's what happens when you camp and dig in the dirt with little girls.)

Dear Mr. Exhibitionist with Purple Boxers,
The point of lockable shower stalls is to keep oneself in private until oneself is completely covered, dressed, and decent. It makes absolutely NO sense to change right outside of the room. Especially when there are other people around the camp who are not related to you. And have no interest in seeing your chonies. As punishment, a stalker picture of you is going on the internet.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

How Dare They?

Y'all know I'm a fan of the French.
Huge, huge fan.

But this? Is simply outrageous.

Let me backtrack... Hmm..What is this? It looks like Twilight... and it has Stephenie Meyer's name on it... but there's a weird title on it. Fascination?

And what's this? Let me read the titles for you... (and translate them to English)

They wouldn't be talking about my favorite Twilight series would they?

And what about this?


Tell me, please. What is a "black moon"?

OH!! Is it NEW MOON that you French are referring to?
Silly me.

For thinking that at least the TITLE of a world famous book could be translated properly.

And just an FYI, the french movie is still called Twilight. What is with this?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

E is for... MinEEE

Okay, so the E is a long stretch.
I apologize- but seriously, do you think I could go on a whole trip without sharing the amazingness that is mini things with the peeps? Okay. I'm not gangsta enough to say that. (or to say gangsta, either, for that matter)
But that's not the point!!
In France, I saw many mini things. (minEEE things)
Why don't you take a look at a couple of things that made me drool?

I have thing for little notebooks. A thing that my mom really dislikes. Because I never use the notebooks (or use just a couple of pages) and then they sit around my room. Looking cute.

You see where this says "Museum of Miniatures and Decorations of the Cinema" (in French, or something like that). It actually says "Museum of Allison's Paradise Place Where She Can Look at Mini-things All Day".
At least, if we actually bought tickets in there, it would be.
Thankfully, the museum had 10 displays out to lure people in... and I salivated at each one.

You see this grocery store? It's a very little store. How little, you ask?

That would be my hand on the glass display in front of the grocery store. Yeah. It's amazingly small.

There was a mini library. Complete with books that you could read the titles of.

Sewing/cloth making factory.

Diner place. Take a look at the attention that was paid to detail! I mean, the counter tops, the guitar, the table filled with food!!! This place is crazy!

And last but not least, these cuties. I know it may seem creeper-ish for me to have taken this picture, but it was just SO CUTE!! I mean, we were at the Musee D'Orsay, and a kindergarten class was having a field trip there the same day! They were reviewing art, and they all had clipboards so that they could draw pictures of the ones that they liked.
Seeing things like this makes me want to be a kindergarten teacher.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

C is for... Cool

There were very many cool things in France.
Such as:

Painted Cars.

Pig-shaped Cookies. Not really sure what kind of cookies those things were... and too scared to try!

Hot blue vintage-y bowling style shoes. Too bad they weren't in my size.

Shakespeare and Company Bookstore. It's filled floor to roof, two crammed stories, full of books. It's amazing.

Our rental car. What does this thing do, you ask?
BAM! Plane-style lunch served in a car. Awesome.
(And thanks, Mathew, for that wonderful picture of me...)

Me. What? You didn't know I drove racecars?

The French's version of an "American Burger with Fries".
WELL...There are definitely fries included with that meal.

Mathew and I waiting for the 3-D movie to start. Who said 3-D glasses were dorky?

Monday, August 17, 2009

N is for... Nude Statues and Prom Hair

What is it with nude statues?
You know what I'm talking about- the clothing draped artfully across the person's body- and covering virtually... nothing!

In France, I saw a bunch of those statues.

But for every rainy cloud, there's a silver lining! (Or whatever the quote is...) I discovered the silver lining while I was walking through rows and rows of these statues.

Their hair.

You heard me right. Prom season is coming up (okay, not exactly coming up, but soon enough) and those of you ladies out there will know what I mean when I say- it's hard picking out hair! Guys just have to gel it a bit, or whatever they do, while we slave for an hour (or multiple hours) fixing our 'do so that it looks pretty!

Back to the statues. These ladies have very nice hair. Them Greeks knew how to do it! So, I've assembled a nice assortment of hair styles I admired (some more, and some less) on statues I saw in France.

Which ones do you prefer?

There are statues of naked people. If you don't like that, please don't read ahead.