Monday, August 17, 2009

R is for... Random Marketplaces

No joke this time.
This one's for realzies.

On with the story! In France, about once every week (depending in what part of the country we were in) there would be a marketplace. You know what I'm talking about, food, clothes... stuff for sale for cheap.
We don't really have them here in California.
But that's cool.
Looking back at my pictures, I realized- you can buy almost anything at these places.
Take a look:

Veggies and fruits.... pretty normal!

Cheese (or "fromage", as the French call it)

Bread (of course)

(at least it smelled amazing after walking by the stalls with gutted rabbits!)


Men's clothing?...

And last but not least:

One for all, and all for one.... used lingerie.
One euro a pop.