Tuesday, August 18, 2009

C is for... Cool

There were very many cool things in France.
Such as:

Painted Cars.

Pig-shaped Cookies. Not really sure what kind of cookies those things were... and too scared to try!

Hot blue vintage-y bowling style shoes. Too bad they weren't in my size.

Shakespeare and Company Bookstore. It's filled floor to roof, two crammed stories, full of books. It's amazing.

Our rental car. What does this thing do, you ask?
BAM! Plane-style lunch served in a car. Awesome.
(And thanks, Mathew, for that wonderful picture of me...)

Me. What? You didn't know I drove racecars?

The French's version of an "American Burger with Fries".
WELL...There are definitely fries included with that meal.

Mathew and I waiting for the 3-D movie to start. Who said 3-D glasses were dorky?


Karina said...

WOW that IS an attractive picture :)!
Oh! And that racecar driver thingyy!! Safa, Darian and I took pictures with that there too! :D! Did you play that game where you have to press the numbers?

Allison said...

No,we didn't. Funny story actually! :D The game was broken when we went there... and Mathew was really bummed.

Okay, wow, just kidding. That wasn't funny..