Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Camping is fun!

I've been gone for quite a while.
I went camping... and I went to school!
But, first things first. Camping.

Getting ready for camping...packing all our bags in our Honda Odyssey!

The view from the mountain on our hour-and-a-half car ride. The ride that was extremely windy and made both me and Mathew carsick.

Did you know? We own a trippy tent.

Yup. A trippy tent that looks like a amateur tent next to our friend's HUGE mansiontent.

There was a creek by our campsite, so of course all the boys had to play. And get wet. And soak through their one pair of shoes. Voila! The shoe tree was planted.

In addition to growing a shoe tree, we also grilled shoes for dinner. Tasty!

My wonderful mom cutting up Asian pears (from our own backyard) for a yummy fruit salad!
Who says that camping food stinks?

There is nothing better than Spiderman and Disney Princess campfire chairs.

I think of myself as a creator of amazing marshmallows. The secret? Put them right next to the bottom of a log, where it's red from the heat, but there's no flame.

That's how the inside of your marshmallow gets all liquidy and yummy.
(Ignore my dirt-filled nails. That's what happens when you camp and dig in the dirt with little girls.)

Dear Mr. Exhibitionist with Purple Boxers,
The point of lockable shower stalls is to keep oneself in private until oneself is completely covered, dressed, and decent. It makes absolutely NO sense to change right outside of the room. Especially when there are other people around the camp who are not related to you. And have no interest in seeing your chonies. As punishment, a stalker picture of you is going on the internet.