Wednesday, August 19, 2009

E is for... MinEEE

Okay, so the E is a long stretch.
I apologize- but seriously, do you think I could go on a whole trip without sharing the amazingness that is mini things with the peeps? Okay. I'm not gangsta enough to say that. (or to say gangsta, either, for that matter)
But that's not the point!!
In France, I saw many mini things. (minEEE things)
Why don't you take a look at a couple of things that made me drool?

I have thing for little notebooks. A thing that my mom really dislikes. Because I never use the notebooks (or use just a couple of pages) and then they sit around my room. Looking cute.

You see where this says "Museum of Miniatures and Decorations of the Cinema" (in French, or something like that). It actually says "Museum of Allison's Paradise Place Where She Can Look at Mini-things All Day".
At least, if we actually bought tickets in there, it would be.
Thankfully, the museum had 10 displays out to lure people in... and I salivated at each one.

You see this grocery store? It's a very little store. How little, you ask?

That would be my hand on the glass display in front of the grocery store. Yeah. It's amazingly small.

There was a mini library. Complete with books that you could read the titles of.

Sewing/cloth making factory.

Diner place. Take a look at the attention that was paid to detail! I mean, the counter tops, the guitar, the table filled with food!!! This place is crazy!

And last but not least, these cuties. I know it may seem creeper-ish for me to have taken this picture, but it was just SO CUTE!! I mean, we were at the Musee D'Orsay, and a kindergarten class was having a field trip there the same day! They were reviewing art, and they all had clipboards so that they could draw pictures of the ones that they liked.
Seeing things like this makes me want to be a kindergarten teacher.


♥Karm said...

Aww... the Miniature Museum is awesome. I didn't know there was one. IF I ever travel to france, I would love to stop by there. The pictures are fantastic btw... I love the mini library. I wish I could find one that looks exactly like that. =]