Friday, August 7, 2009

F is for Funny

Yup. There were an abundance of funny things in France.
Hence the "F for Funny".
Also because I'm going to make one of those acrostic poem type things.

Maybe I'm extremely immature. But it is kinda funny that this French restaurant's abbreviation of "assiette", or plate/dish, is our name for bottom. Or donkey.
(and it only costs 8 euros!)

These little salt and pepper guys are so tacky! And that's kind of why I think they're so funny... and I kind of love them.

Just who does "Catherine Cherie" think she is? Barbie?

I don't know. I just like this picture of Mathew's tongue.

Mathew with the most ridiculous ice cream cone ever. A regular original cone...with 2 cups instead of one. WHAT?!?! :D

Practically all the gum in France is the same brand: Hollywood. Which is kind of ironic if you ask me, because I have never seen this brand before. And I live a whole lot closer to Hollywood than France does.

There were a couple of creepers in this doorway. So we did the only thing acceptable in this kind of situation. Make fun of them. :)

Hmm... black bread. I wonder why no one's buying anything?

What is the point of a roll of toilet paper if you can't even stick it on a toilet paper roll holder? This mystifies me.


Sasha Liz said...

That ice cream cone is so funny! I want one. The ice cream looks even better, like red velvet. That's my fav.

Can I ask you a blog-related question? How did you post your bite of alison button with HTML below it so others can grab it? It's so cute! I haven't figured out how to do that yet. Is there a tutorial somewhere?

Allison said...

Oooh. This is a toughie! You see, I had my friend Karina there with me the entire time while I was making mine.

BUT- she did email me very concise directions to making a button with the HTML, as well as a couple of tutorial sites. So I'll just post that whole baby right up here!

Hang on a sec...

Allison said...

In the words of the almighty Karina:
(with a little bit of change from me to make it more understandable)

"Here goes...

Okay, so you take the code from the site above under "How to Make Em". The one with the "" and the "mouseover words"..etc. (I would post the code right here, but blogspot won't let me)

Then you have to make your button a jpeg, like a picture, and upload it to or so that you can have a direct link (they give it to you on photobucket) and you put that in the code instead of "".
(I used photobucket)

Then you change the link to the link of your blog,

and you can delete the words "mouseover words" (because it's useless), but don't delete "alternative name".

Thennn you go HERE:

to learn how to make the scroll box under so people can take your code.

She gives you the basic code right on the site in bold letters...

You can change the size of your scroll box by altering the "125 px" that you see in her code to whatever number you want. And then you can change the thickness by changing the "3 px".

When you do the "your text here" part (the stuff that will go in your scroll box) you need to alter your code a little (otherwise the computer will just read your code and it'll be a scroll box with your button in it again)

so go to THIS SITE :

and it will show you a box in which you put your code (that you had for your button) and it translates it to computer-readable script. Then you put THAT in your "YOUR TEXT HERE" place and you are good to go!

On your blog, you go to edit layout, add a gadget, then just put both those codes into the space you're given. (Put in the button part first, skip a line, and then put in the scroll box part)

If that didn't make any sense, then just click

because maybe she explains it better. When I tried hers I had to figure some stuff out on myself... So see which works best for you!

Sasha Liz said...

Wow, thank you so much for posting this! I'll let you know if mine is successful :) Thanks Allison

Allison said...

No problem! :D