Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Karina!

Just a virtual shout-out to one of my besties!
Karina- I love laughing with you,
love watching and talking about The Office/Glee/Friends with you,
love griping about school work with you,
love studying for SATs with you,
love complaining about boyfriends (or lack there of),
love listening to music and chillin',
love pretending to be gangsta (even though you can pull it off and I can't),
love fighting over which Jonas brother we like more,
love dancing crazy dances with you-just because we can,
and most of all...
I love that you're YOU! (however cheesy that may sound... :D)

Karina and I being cool and dancing while getting ready for our school dance.
(fast foward to 0:13 to see when it gets REALLY good... and ignore me yelling at the cameraman, Karina's brother..heehee)


Anonymous said...

Brendan here!
nice blog
and happy birthday karina (fourth time)

Allison said...

:D Hey Brendan!