Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm alive...

...and still kicking!!
Even after an 8 hour flight followed by a consecutive 6 hour flight.
Totaling for about a 24 hour- awake period.
Okay, maybe I'm not kicking.
Maybe I'm actually dead on my feet, which is why I'm not posting anything of importance from France!

All in good time, my friends.

Here's something to tide you over.

What. Apparently French people need their yogurt in clay glazed jars. Why? Does it taste better? It certainly costs more! Pooh-pooh to them! I'm sounding snotty and all... but in reality:

I want my yogurt in cute little re-usable jars!! Then I can put paper clips and rubber bands in them and line them up in a row on my desk!! Or eat soup out of them!!!

I'm making pouty faces right now.