Monday, August 17, 2009

A is for... Artsy Pictures

Everyone takes artsy pictures sometimes.
You know, those pictures that are pretty, and are usually black and white, or sepia, or those unusual filters...but someone looking at them would have no idea where they were taken... (in this case, France)

I took some of those.

And here they are... for all the world to see! :D
Tell me what you think of them, because I adore taking them!
(Keep in mind that these have not been edited at all, I only used the coloring options my camera already has on it)

Taken on the Normandy D-Day Beach. I don't know, I guess I liked the whole "falling" concept. And the fact that my hand was in focus and the fallen stone was not... kind of like it was really really far away, and fell a long way. Kind of in a "deep" way. I think deep a lot.

Taken on the pathway back from the D-Day Beach. I used the "color accent" to have green the only visible color in the picture. It was an extremely beautiful area, and the place where this picture was taken seemed magical and fairy-like. :)

Taken from the hotel window in Paris. I loved the vintage-y vibe the handle was giving off, and I have a thing for open window shots. Again, cue the deep thoughts... it kind of makes me think of new beginnings and being invited to something that is different, and new, and exciting!

Again with the window shots. This time in Arles. I just loved the sun radiating through the windows, and the way it made me feel so safe, being surrounded by nature's beauty, even while I was inside a room.