Friday, August 28, 2009

Karina + Allison = FUN!!

At least that's what Karina called it.
Our photoshoot, that is.
Yeah, photoshoots are tons of fun. Lots of laughing, silly posing... and eating. :D
Here are a couple of goodies. (I took the pictures of Karina, and she took the ones of me!)

She's a sweetie.

I love how the colors of Karina's skirt go with the foliage and the fence perfectly.

Why do I have a confuzzled look on my face? Maybe because I'm looking into the sun...?

Karina from Excorcist. This was actually a mistake with the camera... but it looked cool and creepy!

We got the idea for this one when Karina threw off her shoes onto the grass and was about to leave.. I was like, "NO! WAIT!!" And then I took a picture of the shoes.

Karina, why do you always out- amazing me?

Karina is a babe. A babe in hot pumps.

So sue me. I get crazy sometimes when my dress twirls in cool ways.

I really like how Karina black-and-white-d this one. I also love her leather jacket. I look like Zac Efron in 17 Again.

You can tell I'm an amateur at this modeling business. I always end up laughing!

Okay... that last picture may not be totally acurate... :) I may or may not have photoshopped Karina onto an American flag. But in my defense, she looked like she was saluting!


Karina said...

:D I love these!
That was so much fun!

Kriti said...

OHMYGOODNESS you guys look gorgeous!!! I love the colors and the focus/all other camera tricks.

you should submit some of these to, email them at Your pictures have the same adorableness :)

Allison said...

Thanks, Kriti!

marina said...

i like the picture of you laughing. you look so cute. we need to hang out again, soon.

Allison said...

Totally Marina, TOTALLY!!