Sunday, August 9, 2009

R is for... REALLY SORRY

I'm not sorry at all about my trip to France.
In fact, I'm quite happy I went on it.
Putting two and two together, as you are all intelligent beings, I think you can infer that this post is fake.

It is not about France, and it is not my actual "R is for..."

I am sorry, though.

Sorry, because I'm leaving. Again. Right after I came back! What a bummer.
Where am I going, you ask?

me: (mumble) orchestra camp.
you: What? I couldn't hear you. You couldn't have possibly said orch-
me: ORCHESTRA CAMP!! (breaks down in sobs)

Yes, that's right. A week of music. Dvorak, Brahms, and Saint-Saens to be exact.
Approximately 9 hours of practice every. single. day.

So, I'm sorry.


♥Karm said...

I'm sure you will have fun. Orchestra camp sounds interesting... can't wait until you post about it. =]

Anonymous said...

Hey Allison! Guess you won't read this until you get back. See you soon! And I guess you'll never know who this is...:)

Allison said...

Ooh! You know what, anonymous? I'm going to call you Smiley Face. Because you end with a smile to end the creeper-ish tension you have just created. :D

Wait no-

"You are my squishy and I shall call you squishy."

Haha. I love "Finding Nemo". And randomness, as well, as you can probably tell from the random comment!

Allison said...

Wow, Anonymous, sorry about that previous comment- I totally thought you were a friend pulling a prank on me, and I responded in kind by pulling out an inside joke. :D

If I have scared you off, I sincerely apologize!