Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cool 4 School

In order to be cool 4 school,
(notice I abbreviated the "for" with 4 because that's what cool people do)
you gotta look cool.
Or at least have your various notebooks/binders/textbooks look cool.

1. It makes you look cool too.

2. It makes you happy to see your things so cute!

3. It makes other people jealous. :D

For composition books, what I did was glue scrapbook paper directly onto the cover, and then "laminate" it by taping strips of clear (thick, not scotch) tape on top. That also prevents the glue from loosening and making the corners of the books come up.

Grab a view binder! That way you can put photos of you/your family/John Krasinski onto scrapbook paper and slide it right on in!
(notice I have a Jim Halpert face on... yeah. I'm cool like that)

For textbooks, paper bags are the way to go- but not boring brown ones, oh no! Cut bag to fit the book, and leave the outside of the bag facing out. As you can see, my Baskin Robbins lady loves eating her ice cream on the cover of my French Honors book. Oh, yeah. Her hair proves it, I think!


Anonymous said...

you are taking bio ap?? i thought you were taking apes?
yay boston - more than a feeling!
and im jealous of your notebooks.

Allison said...

Yeah, I was going to take APES, but then I didn't think there was an SAT2 for it... and we have to get 2 of those, right? So...yeah. But I love my teacher, so it's cool.

And Boston rocks! :D
Don't be jealous- I'll make you a Glee one! :) haha.

Karina said...


And SO jealous of your French book cover. Do mine!