Monday, September 28, 2009

I ROCK at sewing.

So today in drama, my teacher asked me to sew some muslin for the stage floor. Of course, the fact that I had never sewed anything before didn't sway her- she taught me! 
( I guess she was really desperate...)

So here I am, rockin' at sewing... not paying attention to-

WHOOPS! I guess I accidentally sewed over an extra fold of cloth.

Wonderful. Just wonderful. What am I going to do now? FAIL DRAMA BECAUSE I FAIL AT SEWING???

Don't worry. Super Seamstress Woman WILL prevail... all it takes is a few snips, and moving the cloth, and....

TADA!! What did I tell you? DON'T DOUBT ME!!

*All the pictures were taken during the actual course of trials and tribulations... just pretend you didn't see the tear stains on the muslin... :D*


Karina said...

Um you kind of win.

I'm nominating you for the best muslin-floor-drop-thing ever made in the history of theater.

Margaret said...

i wish i could sew! i'd probably spill all my coffee on the fabric though! :) i'm really messy..