Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm a Gleek, too.

If I didn't make that clear enough in my previous post...
Just wanted to let EVERYONE know. :D
I know you're asking me, "Why, Allison, WHY??"
or maybe not.
But Glee is cool. It's high school life (played by older-than-teens) with real life problems and MUSIC!
You can tell that the singing is the selling point for me.
I like the actors, too- they seem down to earth (I have no idea if they really are) and they tweet cute pictures of themselves!

Pictures taken from Cory (aka Finn) Monteith's twitter and Google:

Cory appears to be sleeping on his first big boy bed! Yay, Cory! I think he also gets cold at night (or is checking out his breath) 'cause he covers his mouth with his collar. Who knows?

Dressing up as girls... and Bob Marley. They all look into it- especially Chris on the far right who appears to be checking out his amazing locks in a mirror in back of the cameraman... :D

These two are SOO cute. Please watch the drama and romance that ensues during "Acafellas" between Kurt and Mercedes... and take some tissues with you- because you will be crying your head off.

Group photo! All those happy eyes on the camera except for Mark Salling's.... I wonder who's camera he's looking at?

There used to be a picture here....but it keeps disappearing. Read below for more options!

I saved this for last. Because I ♥ babies. And this one is too cute. The baby is wearing a GLEE dress with a bow. And Mark and Dianna are playing with her. ADORABLE. Plus I like Mark's glasses. And his mohawk. And his shirt.

(If the picture's not working for you (it happens.. it was poopy) just click yourself over to so you can at least see the amazingness and cuteness of this picture! I wouldn't want you to miss out! :D)


Karina said...


I love this cast so much.

Brendan said...

LOL For a second I thought Chris was actually a girl....
just imagine being a part of this cast....*dies*
they definitely need some more asian representation ;)

Allison said...

Definitely. Like, at least 1/2 worth...*wink wink* :D

Anonymous said...

Nomnom It's Katie.

Allison, the baby picture isn't working.

You're a hopeless Gleek XD

And dreads, I do like. Dreads are GOOD.