Monday, September 7, 2009

Neha's Sweet 16

This weekend I went to Neha's Sweet Sixteen.
There were millions of people there. literally. Her relatives, friends, family friends, friend's friends... the whole shabbam.
So, I'm sure you can all infer that if there were millions of people, there had to have been LOTS of food. And there was. They catered from this Indian place that I forgot the name of. And the food was SO delicious.
But it was SPICY.

We drank SO MUCH Caprisun it wasn't even funny. This pile is basically just from me and Anne alone.

Unfortunately, Lots of food + SPICY + Too much Caprisun = Allison feels really sick and Aneesha cries for Allison's tummy.

Here's the beautiful birthday girl, Neha!

Here's Aneesha looking adorable. As always.

Here's Anne with the tree's shadow right on her face... I can swear she drank more Caprisun than me, though.

Here's Karina pretending that the food isn't spicy but really sticking a straw into another Caprisun.

Overall, it was SUPER fun. My stomachache wore off after a few hours...and I haven't touched spicy food since! :D