Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Tootsie Roll Man

At lunch one day last week... (I can't remember the exact day because I have horrible memory!) a kindly person was handing out tootsie rolls.

Unfortunately, we were around the end of the circuit she was making, and you remember that last week was HOT... well, time + hot + tootsie rolls = melted tootsie rolls.

Well, since most of the fun of tootsie rolls comes from their chewyness (because it sure doesn't come from their taste :D) and my roll was dead, I decided to play with my food instead, because it's fun.. and the tootsie roll was like Playdoh!

After a minute of molding, I made... the TOOTSIE ROLL MAN!

So sorry about the horrible focus- my phone camera is not very intelligent and focuses on the background more than it focuses on my man.

The second I gave my tootsie roll man legs, he jumped up and shouted,
" Run, run, as fast as you can! You can't catch me, I'm the Tootsie Roll Man!!"

He jumped right into my mouth, and I never saw him again.


Brendan said...

thats so awesome! :)
i remember last friday after the rally people were handing out candy.
was that when you made tootsie roll man?

Allison said...

..maybe? As I said- I have REALLY bad memory when it comes to specific dates correlating to specific events.

I like candy. ♥

Allison said...

BTW, Brendan- nice dancing last night! :D (wink wink.... that sounds awkward. but it isn't at all.)

Nancy Face said...

I LOVE the taste of Tootsie Rolls, especially the vanilla ones! Scrumptious! I don't think I'll ever be able to make a Tootsie Roll man, because I'm just too impatient to pop those little dudes into my mouth! ;)

Thanks for commenting on my foolish blog! :D

Allison said...

:D Foolish and Allison go hand in hand! ♥

Mahsa said...

he was SCARY!!!!

that was fun though :)

Allison said...

He was not scary! He was cute!

Anonymous said...

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