Friday, October 23, 2009


Ordinarily, I am not squeamish about blood. If I see a drop on my finger because I got a paper cut, I will think "shoot, a paper cut" rather than "aauughh!! blood!!"
That said, I think there are certain boundaries society must keep when addressing blood-related events, such as blood drives.
Donating blood? I'm all for it. But please. Be tactful.

This? Is a no-no. Funny? yes. Hilarious, even? yes.
USE YOUR HEADS, though! I know it rained and made your red paint look like blood. Do you really think that people will think your drive is a clean, sanitary environment in which to STERILE-ly give blood?
No. I will never give blood to you.
(I also am not allowed to because I don't weigh over 110 pounds, but that is another story)

Besides. Blood in public places brings about unwanted visitors. :D


Karina said...

bahahahah That second picture is amazing :D.

Ugh. I wanna give blood but it's on opening night! I'd pass out on stage doing the Single Ladies dance haha. :D

♥Karm said...

haha cool post. i can't donate blood too because I am anemic? is that how you spell it? haha anyway... that sign does look creepy, and I love the 2nd picture haha

Allison said...

Thanks! And it stinks that you're anemic! What is it? An iron deficiency, right? :( Poor Karm.

Karina- you guys are doing the Single Ladies Dance!!!?? NO WAY.

Neha said...

omg karina really?? is it like the one we did for the dance showcase?

and allison i love the second picture it is so funny!

Nancy Face said...

Unwanted visitors = HILARIOUS! :D

Brittney said...

our school had a blood drive and gave away free breadstick to dominoes, i think they try to make it really akward. lol, but anyway cute blog :)