Thursday, October 8, 2009

Clown Makeup!

My school (and advanced drama class) is putting on a production of "Servant of Two Masters". It's supposed to be really funny, witty, and has lots of pop culture references and audience-actor interactions.

I say "supposed to be"... because I haven't actually seen it. I'm not in it, either.
It's really unfortunate, actually, because I love to act, but I just don't have the time. I'm just too busy juggling soccer, piano, flute, orchestra, teaching piano.... etc.

Because I'm not in the show, and practically everyone else in my class is, there's not much for me to do during my 7th period class, besides set building (which I spent the ENTIRE year last year doing because I wasn't in any plays).
Fortunately, the make-up artist, Lucky, took pity on me and decided to take me under her wing.
No matter that she's a grade lower than me- she's very talented and although she calls me "honey" and "darling" (which makes me feel inferior) I really do respect her.

A couple days ago, she had me paint a Pierrot's face all by myself, without any guidance from her, which is what I'll have to do come the actual show nights.
I have to say- I am PRETTY proud of the outcome! :D

The first step in the clown make-up process is waxing down the eyebrows.
Have you ever played with crayons that don't have their covers? Your fingers get all waxy, and you can't wash it off because wax repels water! It stinks.

Then I painted her entire face white and went over it all with powder.
The powder got EVERYWHERE. Literally. Poor Amanda was wearing a black shirt, and when I was done, it looked like she was either stuck in a snow storm, or had massively bad dandruff. Oops!

I have apparently skipped a few steps... I eyelinered Amanda's eyes with black Ben Nye paint, painted lips, and put a massive amount of blush on. Previously, Lucky had told me to put eyeshadow on Amanda.
Lucky: And don't forget to put eyeshadow on Amanda!
Me: What color?
Lucky: I'll have you decide... and I'll tell you whether you're right or wrong later.
Me: ???
Lucky: Think "mom"colors. And don't mess up!
Me: ?!?!?
Maybe I added the "don't mess up" part.. but I was feeling PRESSURED! I ended up picking a greyish purpleish color. I thankfully did not get vetoed.

I was just as pressured with Amanda's eyebrows.
Lucky: So- paint some eyebrows on!
Me: What kind? Do you want angle- brows, or surprised brows, or lines?
Lucky: I want motherly brows.
Me: What does that even mean?
Lucky: You'll find out if you do it right!
Me: ????

Thank goodness I'm not a failure. Lucky loved it.


Karina said...

WOW. Amanda looks way better than I did in my clown makeup. :).


Allison said...

Maybe I'll get to do yours! :D

And no- you looked amazing.

aliice said...

proo :D

ok i feel a little like a stalker now x_x

Allison said...

Haha. It's okay. This isn't facebook here, 'cause that's REAL stalking. :D