Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Dance

I'm not much of a dancer. I mean, I took the ballet and tap classes that practically everyone took when I was little, jazz classes very recently, LOVE to swing dance...
But I don't really high school dance dance.
You know what I mean, right?

Anyways, I still go to the dances to hang out with friends, dress up, and have a fun time.
Neha and I had a blast getting ready for our school's homecoming last night! :D

Before dressing up/hair/makeup stuff, this is what we looked like. (I never knew I could look so tall! :D)

Neha straightened her hair- and she has SO MUCH of it! It's, like, down to her butt. Amazing.

One side curled and one side regular. I look...special.

Hair done! Yeah- you're probably wondering why I bothered curling my hair if I was just going to put it up. I wondered that too, after I realized my hair was too short to make a curly bun. I'm just cool like that. (Like the headband? I got it shopping with Karina that one time in the summer.)

All dressed and primped and ready to go! You can't really see my whole dress (which I borrowed from Karina because I own no dresses. literally.) but it's pretty!

After the dance...

I still looked okay! Except for the shirt over the dress. But that's just because I took off the sweater, and had a shirt in my bag... and yeah. Cool! Now you can see the rest of the dress, kind of. :D

AK. My hair is REALLY attractive. Awkward waves from the bun, sweaty curls next to my face... beautiful.


♥Karm said...

how fun!! i miss dressing up. and being pretty for a few hours haha.

Allison said...

I bet you ALWAYS look pretty! :D

Karina said...

You looked AMAZING. I'll post my pictures soon too. :)

I wish I got ready with you guys haha.


Sasha Liz said...

Aw, you're so cute.

Allison said...