Sunday, October 4, 2009

Death...and Rebirth

I am referring to my pencil bag.
This helpful bag has been with me for SO long, I cannot even remember where I first got it. So, naturally, I was devastated when its zipper stopped working yesterday.

Yes, I guess sometimes it was lazy,
(look at it's cover :D)

but it was really big and held all my pencils and pens... and I have a LOT.

So, yesterday I went over to my grandparents' house, and my cousins were there. Since we only see them about once a month, my cousin, Carmen, gave me my birthday present early! (My birthday's the 20th of October)

Guess what she gave me?
That's right. THE CUTEST pencil bag ever with little colorful owls all over the sides of it. And it fits all my pens! I checked!
(excuse my frumpiness. I just had a soccer game... we're 4 and 0 now. and I scored 2 goals. REPRESENT!)

A closer view:

Isn't that adorable? All my friends will fawn over it... we're stationary buffs. So sue us.


♥Karm said...

omg that is a cute pencil bag. i feel bad for your other bag, but the new one is cute. wow.. good job on the soccer status. GOOO Allison!! =]

Margaret said...

that's a cute bag! i like owls, too.

Karina said...


I tried commenting last night, but it wasn't working. :(.


Allison said...

Is that 4 faced smiley face there to make me happy? Because it does... and it also slightly frightens me. I mean, picture a person with 4 smiling mouths....