Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Flashback to King City!

Last spring my church went on a missions trip for a week. It was the funnest week ever, and I got to really bond with other teens from my church and play with the kids from the cities we visited.
I thought it would be fun to post some of the pictures that were taken (with a REALLY nice camera, and by a really talented photographer :D) so you could see just how much fun we had, and some of the things we did.

We did a lot of crafts-one or two each day, that corresponded with bible stories.
(Whoa there, Steven... that's a LOT of glue you're putting there!)

We told parables and fairy-tale stories to match bible verses!
(can you guess what story this is?)

We made lots of friends! We played lots of charades and duck-duck-goose, those were games that everyone enjoyed! :D

And I don't understand this one.. but the boys really enjoyed tackling each other.

We had some REAL cuties out there. This little boy in particular was really funny, and would make baby jokes that made no sense but made everyone laugh.
(You can see the multiple hands reaching out to him... :D)

We taught bible verses in both English and Spanish. That was a real challenge for me, as I take French, and pronounce all my Spanish r's as French r's.. you know what I mean, right? The rolling-tongue-r verses the back-of-the-throat-r!

We ate good food! I helped served food sometimes for dinner, and I enjoyed joking around with the two jokesters next to me.
(And they hid the piece of chicken that looked the best underneath the rest of the meat so that I could eat it later! :D)

The guys thought they were pretty cool. Digging trenches for the rain around our tents and stuff. They were pretty cool.

Group picture!


aliice said...

ohmygosh this looks SO FUN
ive always wanted to do something like this with kids but i never seem to find the chance to.
instead, i volunteered at a SERNIOR center over the summer, haha quite a difference there
but it was interesting too i guess :]


Allison said...

Haha. I'm sure all the old folks love you though- You're so sweet! ♥


Karina said...

I'm SO jealous! This trip looks like SO much fun!!

Allison said...

Maybe I'll bring you!! :D Haha.. I'm not actually sure if I can do that.