Monday, October 26, 2009


Sometimes I don't like the way my hands look. They're too chubby or misshapen or just plain ugly. I realized today that everything I dislike or complain about my hands is there for a reason, even if I didn't know it before.

Sometimes my nails are chipped. But it's because of hard work (or a restriction analysis lab in Biology class).

Sometimes my hands have paint or dirt on them. But that's just because I love arts and crafts and nature (or in this case, make-up from our school's production of "Servant of Two Masters").

I have a callus on my right ring finger. But it's because I love to write so much that I'm constantly scribbling or doodling, and the fact that I'm a perfectionist and need total control over my work forces me to put too much pressure from my pencil, causing a mark.

The pads of my fingers are tough. But it's because I love to play music on the piano and flute, and playing for years causes my fingers to toughen up.

My veins are visible from the top of my hand. But so are my mom's and dad's, and it's something that has been passed down the generations.

Now I realize- I love my hands, and without them I could do practically nothing that I live to do. I shouldn't hate them- I should love the flaws that make me who I am!

What do you love about yourself?


nathan! said...

hi allison! : )
i will now read your blog daily.
so you better update daily.

Allison said...

Hi Nathan!
I will now post daily, JUST because you will read it daily. :D
Be prepared.

Connie said...

I love this post!!! I love that picture too.

I too, complain about certain things... but then I realize I could have it so much worse. I love my toes.. even though my bff in 6th grade told me they were ugly. I love them! :p

Alexandria said...

Hi, Allison...your blog is totally adorable! Thanks for being a follower on mine! I LOVE getting new people!!

Hmmm...I love my eyes. They are a really cool mix of colors and can be extremely expressive at certain when I am pissed. The eyes say it all for me.

Karina said...

You hands rock.
Hmm. I like my.... eyebrows? or my legs.

Allison said...

Yes, Karina. Me hands do rock. :D And your eyebrows and legs rock too! haha.
Alexandria- I totally know what you mean about the eyes. Mine aren't as cool because they're brownish... but.. I get it.
Connie- Isn't it weird what we take for granted? I'm sure your toes are beautiful.

Amy said...

I have the worst habit of biting my nails when I'm stressed or nervous. And since I'm pretty much always stressed and/or nervous, my nails are always terrible. But I am so grateful I get to have hands. I once saw a video of a lady who had no hands and had to do everything with her FEET. I was in awe. I'm really glad I have it easy.

Hope you don't mind if I 'steal' your blog button. I finally made one too! Ha. :)

Lauren Elizabeth said...

i love that you posted about hands.
i was ALWAYS self conscious about mine...
THEY ARE BIG. big big big.
seriously, i only knew 2 guys who had bigger.

but, now it is something unique about me that i would never ever change.

i love my smile.

Elizabeth said...

Adorable blog! I love my thumbs, I think now because you've gotten me thinking about hands. They're my mom's thumbs and every time I notice them I think of my mom :)

Allison said...

Amy- That's so strange- I was just in the car the other day crying and thinking about what would happen if I didn't have my hands. We really do have it easy. And of course I don't mind! :D
Lauren- you have a beautiful smile. and just think, if you ever take up piano, all the musicians with small hands will be in awe of your stretch!
Elizabeth- Thumbs are awesome. People think you can't to anything with them.. but even now, I think my space bar would die without my thumbs! :D

linnykins said...

Hands are so important, I think that we take them for granted at times, I know that I used to, but after working with people who don't have the hand function they used to do... it's such a huge part of being human!

I love my shoulders and collarbone. :)

You have an awesome blog by the way! <3