Friday, October 9, 2009

Homecoming Week!

I'm sure you've all experienced the amazingness and hecticness that is Homecoming Week at some point in your life.
At my high school, Homecoming Week is that week that leads up to the Homecoming football game and the Homecoming Dance.
It involves a lot of dressing up, competition between classes, and the rally on Friday.

Day 1: Stages of Life
My beautiful friend, Mahsa, dressed up as a pregnant housewife for this day. On someone else it might look tacky (and a little "bad reputation"-like) but on her, it was just CUTE! :D

We also had various businessmen, children, and babies. Ab (above) really went all out, with the suit, awesome tie, hat, and briefcase. Does anyone really dress like that anymore?

Day 2: Musical Genres
I dressed up as a "teeny-bopper, kid's bop, High School Musical" type of genre.

I'm sure all you Troy Bolton lovers out there will appreciate my jacket! (On a side note- I did not buy this myself! It was given to me as a gag gift from my best friend, Lena ♥)

Mahsa and Karina were the two cutest country singers out there... and if you look closely, their hats read "Corona"- Scandalous! It's actually because Karina got them in Mexico...but that's another story. :D

Day 3: Decades
I dressed up from the 50's (in a costume that I made in 7th grade and still fit in!) and at lunch, our friend Tomer came over to eat with us- and he was dressed as a greaser! So we took a picture together. Good times.

I have no idea what era these boys were from...especially not Ab on the far right...

Lena was from the 40's.

And Neha and Aneesha were from the 60's/Hippie Era! :D

Day 4: Cereal
That was our homecoming theme... and I didn't really like it. Cereal? Come ON! So I protested by not dressing up (aka not wearing fruit loops in my hair.)

Day 5: Class Color

Karina, Anne, Me, Mahsa, Neha, and Aneesha showing off our 2011 class spirit in our Juniors class t-shirts! :D


Carmen said...

Sounds like you had fun dressing up! We had our Homecoming Week just this past week also. Though I must say ours was much more AWESOME than that.:)
Our theme was The Office. Monday, we had Highlighter Day so we dressed up in neon. Tuesday, we had Paper Weight Day so we dressed up in work-out attire. Wednesday, we had Super Glue Day so we dressed up in superhero things. Thursday, was our Paper Theme Day so us seniors dressed up as nerds. And of course, Friday was Class Color Day.

Allison said...

That's WEIRD. But really inventive. I'm kind of jealous! :D

Karina said...

You and Tomer look AMAZING :).

I'm sad I was sick this week. I missed so much :(.

Allison said...

I know! :( You didn't get to dress up with us and have fun! At least you went to the dance!

♥Karm said...

i enjoyed this post, because it brought back high school memories.
homecoming was so much fun.
i think your school was very creative, all we had was a school spirit day, pajama day, college day, twin day, and western day. lol you friends look like they had fun. =]

Allison said...

College day!! What was that like??? I think people at my school would take that too far... it's very college/grade oriented. :D

♥Karm said...

well its just wearing college shirts or college mascots... things like that. =]

Allison said...

Ahhh... :D