Friday, October 30, 2009

Mark Twain...

Yes, so instead of dressing up for Halloween at school like all the cool kids do.. I had to dress up as this.

Yes. My history teacher, who was able to dress up (she dressed up as a Jon & Kate baby... just like all the other history teachers) for Halloween on Friday, and will dress up as SUE SYLVESTER for actual Halloween.. made me dress up as Mark Twain.
And answer questions in front of the class without preparation.
And pretend to be all anti-imperialist and stuff and speak all Twain-y.

Let me tell you- it was not fun.
The only good part out of this.. was these babies.

Oh yes. My sexy shoes that made my feet hurt and had no grip so they kept slipping off my bike pedals.

They were pretty awesome.

As I don't want to be repetitive, and EVERYONE's been asking about what people are dressing up as and such.. I shall be different and unique.
Which candy are you most looking forward to getting/giving this Halloween?


Alexandria said...

Your costume is adorable! Your shoes remind me of a Costco old

I am not dressing up for Halloween. Probably, becuase I am old and not fun anymore.

But I will be stealing my niece's candy...she is 4 and can't put up much of a fight! I am all about Kit Kats..represent.

Um. I heart you and your blog because it had Alone on when I came here. Awesome.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Aw, it is a cute costume though!

I hope you have an awesome Halloween! :) :)

Karina said...

I LOVE your shoes. They are super cool. :)

And you looked AWESOME in the costume.

Hmm... Well you know me, CHOCOLATE anything, please.

linnykins said...

That's so cute! I hope you had a good night :)

Candy.. hmm. Well I was looking forward to the pumpkin pie and ice cream, which was really good! That counts, right? :) :)

<3 lovely blog by the way.

nate! said...

: D

Elizabeth said...

A Jon and Kate baby?!? So funny.

I'm most looking forward to candy can never have enough :)