Saturday, October 17, 2009

So soon!

It's almost my birthday! :D
I know, I know.
First it was my mom's, then my dad's... We're all in October. Even Mathew!
I'm gonna give you guys a sneak preview of what's to come at my partay!!

That's my cake. Yes, it's a big cookie, but that's because I'm not very fond of actual cake cakes. My mom made it for me, and I decorated it!

If you're REALLY cool, and up for the challenge,
see if you can find where I messed up on the border! :D


Sasha Liz said...

Cookie cakes are sooo delish!
Happy Birthday!

Allison said...

Thanks!! :D

Kriti said...

your cookie-cake looks delicious! i hope you had tons of fun today :) sorry i couldn't make it!

loveee, kriti

Karina said...

I had so much fun!! :D

And your cookie-cakes are the best.

Brendan said...

Happy belated birthday!
sweet sixteen! (right?) :)

Neha said...

Brendan her birthday is on the 20th. She just had her party a little early :)
and I had a lot of fun too allison!! :)

♥Karm said...

Oh no, I feel bad, I hope this Happy Birthday wish isn't too late! I hope you had lotsa fun! =]

Allison said...

It's not too late, don't worry! My actual birthday is on the 20th, Tuesday! Thanks so much, though! :D

Darian said...

i found the mistake in the border :P, there is two yellows in a row by the H in happy.

Allison said...

Yay for Darian!!! Yes, I didn't count my dots before I decorated. And realized that the colors would have to overlap.