Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sometimes it's beautiful.

So usually my school starts at 8:15, as I don't have a 1st period. Today- unfortunately, we had a special assembly on "Teen Truth" that required me to be there at 7:15.
I know I'm a California girl, and California's "not cold at ALL" but I was freezing my butt off waiting for Karina to come pick me up (usually I bike). The paper read, like, 50 degrees with LOTS of wind, so my sweater and pea coat were warming me somewhat- but my hands were pink and twitching... maybe they got preemie frostbite.
Anyways, I was all grumpy and fun and pacing around in little circles, blowing my air out in little puffs... where was she??
I looked up... and stopped stomping.

A beautiful sunrise greeted me, making me shuffle over to my backpack and grab my phone so I could take a semi-blurry picture and try and capture its prettiness.
Believe me- this photo doesn't do it justice.

I stopped being so grumpy and tried to shiver with happiness, instead.
Nature is just so pretty sometimes, that it's impossible to keep a wrinkle in your brow.

What do you like about Winter?


nate! said...

: )
you didn't use imagery, and selective details!

Amy said...

I was such a cold day today, and I've been kinda grumpy. But I decided to throw on some jackets, and just be grateful. Nature is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing this Allison :)

Beth Dunn said...

sweaters, scarves, gloves, fires warm food but then by January I want it to be warm. xoxo


Allison said...

Yes, I totally know what you mean about wanting warmth. I.. kind of want it right now.

and Nathan? Lit stays in the classroom! :D

Alexandria said...

Hey California can get is just our own cold. Outsiders do not understand!!

I love the clothes! Scarves, cute hats, and my peacoat. I also love COFFEE in the winter....yum!

aliice said...

i wish i got to see that~

i love HOTPOTS in winter

Nat said...

I absolutely love the winter. I love dressing for winter. I also love the feeling of my nose being cold but the rest of my body nice and warm under my many layers. plus in winter there is lots of holidays that i love. It's the best.

linnykins said...

I really like the photo, even though it's blurry! I love sunrises. Can never get enough of them, and I feel stoked if I get to see one!

Winter- well. I think that what I like most about it is sitting in a cafe, by the window and fire, with a friend and hot drink, people watching. Talking about anything and everything, and being warm while it's cold and grey outside <3

Karina said...

Absolutely fabulous. This picture rocks. Wish I coulda seen it. I wasn't to awake.. :(.

Sorry you were waiting!

Karina said...

Oh and winter.. I love EVERYTHING about winter. The only thing about winter that I don't like is the fact that we live in California so we don't get snow.

If it's going to be cold, we might as well get something pretty out of it!

♥Karm said...

well you know what I like about winter already =]
that is beautiful picture... sheesh what time does the sun come up there? lol

KFell said...

Nice blog background. ;-) Don't you just love when you're all in a huff about having to be up early, and suddenly you realize how beautiful it is? And then you think, I'll get up early EVERY morning to see this! And then you realize that's ridiculous.

Elizabeth said...

I hate to get up early. Hate it. But it's also my favorite time of day, the quiet and the color of the sky.

My favorite thing about winter is unoriginal, I know...but I can't help it.

Darian said...

What i like about winter is snow, but it doesn't snow :(, why can't it just snow here