Thursday, October 29, 2009

To My Favorite Brother.

My only brother, too, but that's okay- I definitely do not need TWO of you! :D

Mathew- even though we fight a lot, and argue over who has to replace the toilet paper in the bathroom when we've used it up, and I close my door when you try and shoot me with your nerf gun... I still love you.

I love pretending to be gansta with you, even though we both know that neither of us can pull it off- especially with cheap 3-D glasses.

I told you that one day I would post these pictures of you.. and today's that day. Thanks for posing in goofy girly French hats to make me laugh. Because posting them totally made me laugh harder! :D

I thought we were going for sexy.. but you look slightly menacing under the wide brim of this floppy hat. You're cool like that.

Thanks for being there with me through thick and thin. Being stuck at the stocks stunk.. but at least I had you there to talk to while we were being humiliated publicly.

Thank you for having fun and competing with me, like in barefoot races through brick-clay. I know you think you win all the time.. but clearly it's not true. Clearly.

Happy 13th birthday, Mathew!


Alexandria said...

Aww...this is the cuteness!

Trust me, as one who has TWO brothers you are super lucky you only have one!

Although, he looks like an absolute doll!

Happy Birthday to your brother!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

aw, so cute!
i love my little brother, too!

Amy said...

How sweeeet. I have 3 little about craziness. They wont admit it, but I know they love me, and I love them. It's really cute how you made a post just for your bro. :)

Karina said...

:D Happy Birthday Mathew!! WOW 13. I love this post. The hat pictures are adorable.

Brendan said...

haha happy birthday!
he reminds me of me!
having older sisters and all...
its a very difficult life dealing with you older girls :P

Allison said...

HAha... "you older girls"

nate! said...

hahah : )

Elizabeth said...

How sweet. My little brother is one of my favorite people, even though he can be a pain--it's just part of his charm.