Friday, October 16, 2009


What is up with this?

First. Why does it look so weird? I think it would frighten me to use a little compressed cube of green stuff to spice up my meal.

Second. Are people so lazy that they need to buy their basil for lasagna or pasta in the FROZEN FOODS section of Trader Joe's?
I understand not growing the herbs in your own garden, that takes work. But frozen and pre-chopped?
This just shows you what America has come to. Our cooks can no longer cut their own plants and instead rely on frozen substitutes.

I protest!

Please- take another 2 minutes out of your busy schedule to, instead of buying frozen basil, buy it fresh. And then chop it yourself.


Allison said...

I guess this was a FAIL post.

Karina said...

Why was it a fail post?!

♥Karm said...

haha I agree. the only thing I get in the frozen food aisle is ice cream and waffles (because I hardly have anytime in the AM to make my boys home made waffles) lol psssh, that is too weird though. cubed basil haha