Friday, November 27, 2009

Freaky Deaky

(I know that no one says that any more.. but I totally do.)
If you're wondering why I'm not commenting on your blogs- It's NOT because I don't want to!Believe me- there's nothing I'd rather do more than see your inventive ideas and smiling faces. Unfortunately, I'm at my Grandpa's house, and using his computer.
I am NOT putting the blame on my Grandpa- no way Jose! (another thing I say) but I would venture to put the blame on my lack of knowledge of this certain computer.
It seems that any time I click on someone's blog (mine excluded), the tabs keep multiplying even though I press the X button... it's really frightening.
The scariest incident? I was going to Karina's blog to check out her new post, and realised that the sound on the computer was WAYY loud. So I went to turn off the sound, but I couldn't work the levels on the volume control... so I went to close the window of her blog.
Instead of closing the window, 5 more tabs popped up, all playing different songs at deafening volumes. I really do love me some Glee music, but when Will and Finn and Puck are all singing at the top of their lungs at the same time at me, it makes me want to cry.
That, and the fact that they KEPT popping up really scared me.
My solution (as is the solution for all my computer related disasters) was to call for my dad. And then force the computer off. And then curl up and hyperventilate/cry. (okay, the last one isn't
So, bear with me. It's only for the rest of the weekend!


amanda leeann said...

my laptop did that to me one day. it.was.awful.

i blame windows explorer. it would open like 45 windows. one right after the other. it was ridiculous. i know use firefox and am a happier camper, lol.

Allison said...

Oh my gosh! Maybe that's it!! Because I ALWAYS use Firefox, and this is Explorer!


Katie said...

oh an that would be very frightening! I use google and chrome and never have any problems... I once did though

JusticePirate said...

The only blog that I visit that plays music is yours, but that sounds like it would indeed be annoying or troublesome if all these other windows would come up!

Karina said...

Ahhh! So scaryyy. :(((
BTW i miss you.

SJ said...

Scary! I hope you can come back in full force soon!

Mar said...

My old laptop used that trick on me a couple of times... Like you did, the only thing that would help was to shut it down.
But, new laptop and the problems are gone :)
Good luck!

linnykins said...

Hehe! Oh dear. It's slightly traumatising when that happens, huh! It's like "STOOOOPPPPPP...!! Pleease???"