Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm honest!

I think that's a good thing in least it's preferable to being a liar...
Anyways- the beautiful Alexandria of Always Alexandria awarded me with this blog award- The Honest Scrap Award! And it's my very first one!

The rules of the Honest Scrap award are very simple- I have to tell you guys 10 (honest) things about me, and then pick 7 wonderful bloggers to pass this award onto!
Whoever gets this award should do the same, that way the love is spread. ♥

I'm a very open person and don't usually keep secrets, so it'll be hard for me to come up with these things.. let's see...

1. I really like eggnog, but I dislike eggnog ice cream. I know that doesn't sound like a huge thing- but it's TRUE, and that's all that matters! Plus, the ice cream is all yellow instead of creamy.. when Mathew eats it, it slightly makes me want to throw up.

2. I really want a pair of saddle shoes. In fact, I totally would not mind having an entire wardrobe of clothes from the 50s. That would rock.

3. I like organizing other people's things, and I'm really OCD about little things, like the alignment of pencils on a desk, but I'm really bad about cleaning my room. Things just pile up. Really. Just ask my mom.

4. The lights of a computer really bug me. I have the brightness down to zero, but I'm still afraid it'll kill my eyes. I wish the computer screen was the same material/texture/brightness of a book page.

5. I like all kinds of music. Except for rap. And music with bad words in it. And I'm kind of obsessed with music from the 50s, 60s, Classic Rock, Lite Rock.. Country.. anything.

6. I like the Jonas Brothers. I know a bunch of y'all will kill me for that one, but it's true. And I think Nick's the cutest.

7. I'm a procrastinator. It's really sad, and I REALLY wish I could stop.. if you have any suggestions on how to stop, please please tell me.

8. I don't dance at high school dances. (Though, if they played jazz, and we swing danced.. I would TOTALLY dance. )

9. I read a lot. And really fast, so I run out of books to read really quickly. If you have any suggestions, tell me- I'm open to anything!

10. I'm extremely competitive. In team sports, I can be really aggressive.. and in mundane games in PE class, I'm even more aggressive. I'd watch out if I were playing anything that involves winning... :D

Whew- that was a long list! I'm sure you're all waiting to hear the names of the bloggers who won the award!

*drum roll*

Karina, my best friend, and an AMAZING blogger, from A la Karina
Calvin and Jake, the most brutally honest boys I have ever "met", from Confessions from a Mormon Bachelor Pad
Nancy Face, the HILARIOUS and SO NICE mother of Busy Bee Lauren, from
Nancy's Nonsense of Nothingness
Liz, the very first blogger I became friends with, from Sasha Liz
Karm, a sweet mom with adorable kids, from Karm's Mom Files
Lauren Elizabeth, an amazing and funny girl, from Lauren Elizabeth
Sara-Jane, a girl I just met, but is so cool!, from Sara-Jane

And because I'm a rebel- one more!

Lauren, the blogger we all know and love, from Busy Bee Lauren


kelleidoscope said...

I'm a reader too! My all time favorite is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. But I have sooo many favorites haha :)

Allison said...

Ooh, I'll have to try that one, thanks! :D

Kriti said...

go to Blue Pearl! it's monta vista's first 1920s dance, with swing dancing and (maybe) live jazz music! Dec. 4th, it'll be amazing :D

Neha said...

"I'm really OCD about little things, like the alignment of pencils on a desk" and Mrs. McMillion's shirt sleeves :)

SJ said...

Thank you so much, Allison! I am so excited to do this. You're so sweet!

Have you read The Luxe series? They are the definition of AMAZING.

Alexandria said...

Yay! I am glad you enjoyed the award!


Saddle Shoes=Awesomeness

OCD=Me too!!

And I hear you about computer lights...if only it looked like a book!

Finally, you are a rule breaker. And I like it! xoxo

Karm said...

OHH thank you Allison!!! You are the sweetest! And I agree eggnog ice cream is gross... but I am loving that you are honest. I'll return the favor when I list 10 honest things about me haha =]

Brendan said...

yeah what Kriti said!

don't worry I'm totally with you on 3 and 7
I'm still laughing at number 4 hahahaha
congrats on the award!

Allison said...

Brendan- if I went (which I DEFINITELY WILL) will you dance with me? :D

And why is 4 so funny!? It's totally true! :D

Brendan said...

of course i will :D

its just funny because I've never heard anyone say that before :P

Karina said...

Oooh yay thank you Allison!!! :)) I can't wait to do this, tomorrow thought because it is sleepy time. ILY!

Mar said...

You should check out 'The Tomorrow Series' by John Marsden!
An awesome series of ten books which I read over and over and over again :)

linnykins said...

Wow, you can get eggnog ice cream??! I thought the ambrosia flavoured one I tried yesterday was a novelty! Haha. I'm not sure if I'll like eggnog flavour, though.

Reading is awesome. I'd recommend 'My Sister's Keeper' by Jodi Picoult- can't wait to see the movie, too :D

Oh! I linked you in my blog, I hope that's ok! :)

Anonymous said...

If I knew nothing else about you, the fact that you want a pair of saddle shoes would be good enough for me to call you my friend. I'm glad we can share that dream... :)

KatOfDiamonds said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog =]

I am LOVING yours <3

Victoria T. said...

They sell saddle shoes at I got them for $8 for a buy one, get one half off sale. Try it. ;)
I'm the same way with music. I have a really rough time with vulgarities and profanities in general though. I think life just feels better in using other words to describe a feeling.

as for books, what kinds do you read? biographies? fiction? I read a lot too, but with two boys to watch I try to fit in at least one book a week if I can. Sometimes that can go up to three weeks though. I recommend "Not For Sale" if you haven't read it.

Sasha "Liz Anonymously" said...

Ahh! What a lovely surprise!

Gasp! The JONAS BROTHERS? Me and the bros got off on the wrong foot. Haha! :)

Wait, have you read The Hunger Games? Do you have any book recommendations for me? You should blog post it. I mean, I already got one good one from you (Geeky Dreamboats, hello, best book ever)!

Oh gosh, I'm competitive when it comes to board games, lol

YAY! I'll fill this out. I'm honored!

Ivy said...

I did my Honest Scrap today! I picked Lauren Elizabeth too! She should do 20 honest things I think.
Your list is great. I am good at others things but not my own and I too procrastinate... embrace it, you won't be able to fix it. You are likely good at many many things and procrastinating is a nice flaw if you are going to have one :)

Ivy said...

Totally rockin' to the GLEE CAST Taking Chances!

Shelby Lou said...

one time. my friend was cleaning out her room to move out and I went over and just started picking up stuff and saying "really?! are you serious? do you need this?" when in reality, I would never do that for myself.

oh and I'm a procrastinator to the MAX. for reals.