Sunday, November 15, 2009

J'aime Le Piano

It's true. I do.
This weekend (after the amazing escapades at In-N-Out) my piano teacher had a piano recital for all her students. There were, like, 30 people. It was crazy.
Just in case you were wondering, I played Chopin's Polonaise in A Flat Major.
It's a BEAUTIFUL song, and I'm in love with it. It's full of passion and strength... it takes up a LOT of energy.
I have a little problem...

stage fright.

It's the worst thing in the world, and kind of weird, because I love being onstage.
It's only performing piano that gets to me- 3 performers before my turn and my teeth started chattering, my body jerking, my hands cold and sweaty.
And let me tell you- cold and sweaty hands are not really the ideal for piano.

I made it through, just like I always do. I didn't play as well as I had hoped, but it turned out pretty well- at least I was told it did.
We'll see if I can get a video up here... or if I even want to show it. :D

In the meantime:

Mathew and me after the show! I'm holding a pair of gloves (to keep my hands warm), my Chopin book, and a red carnation that someone gave me! ♥

Me and my beautiful teacher Miss Irina. I've been with her for 11 years, ever since I first started- and I absolutely love her.

Do you play an instrument? What do you love about music?


SJ said...

I have a funny piano story.

I played piano probably from kindergarten to fifth grade. I was pretty horrendous. Anyway, my best song was a very simple version of Beethoven's Ode to Joy. I think I played it at like, four straight concerts because I had it memorized and it was my favorite song to play. One concert, I played it after I played a harder song, and in the middle of Ode to Joy I messed up. So, I stopped the performance, looked up at the announcer, said "Excuse me, I messed up. Can I start over?" and he looked up from his book (I KID YOU NOT) and was like "What?! Oh. Sure." I can't believe I broke the cardinal rule of being on stage. But it was a funny moment and everyone laughed!

After piano, I played oboe for three years. I really enjoyed the oboe, but I was pretty bad at that too, so I gave it up before high school began in favor of theatre. I used to be able to sing! Does that count?

PS - Congrats on overcoming stage fright, sticking to one activity for over a decade, looking absolutely adorbs in that dress, and reading this really long comment.

SJ said...

Oh, and the song you played is absolutely crazy. I'm amazed that anyone could be able to play that!

Allison said...

Haha SJ, you are AMAZING. I love Ode to Joy and it's pretty hilarious that you were able to play it so many times!

And wow. Oboe. I sit next to one in my orchestra- very beautiful if played right. If not? DANGEROUS. :D

Shelby Lou said...

I used to play the piano. the worst is when you mess up and keep going and you know that it sounded bad. my fingers would get so sweaty!!!! one time I had to sing -wouldn't it be loverly from - my fair lady and everyone afterward asked if I had an accent.

you look so dang cute. REALLY. Like, where do you get your clothes and can I have them??

Lauren Elizabeth said...

so sorry about the honest scrap award! :)
you are now properly thanked on my blog!

oh gosh, i can't wait to start taking piano next year!
i am glad your recital went well!

i sing, and i ALWAYS get stage fright before a recital or audition. it's crazy. i usually just end up crying... :)

have a wonderful week!

Katie said...

how awesome!!!

I played the viola before moving cause I didnt take it with me... but i loved the escape I got with playing.

Mar said...

That song is just beautiful! I am listening to it on Youtube while typing this :)
I used to play the vertical flute (is that even the correct word? I had to use an online dictionary because I don't know the English word, haha. Anyway, I mean that wooden flute, every kid must have played at one time or the other), but you know, that wasn't very hip & exciting. So I switched to the keyboard. Which wasn't very hip & exciting either (and I really just was using the sound-effects, rather than really playing it...) and now, I just listen to music. Which suits me soooo much better :)

Children of the 90s said...

I used to get so terrified before recitals. One year I broke my arm and was thrilled to have another year to better learn my piano piece! It's a great feeling of accomplishment afterward, though.

Elizabeth said...

I am going to learn how to play the piano even if it kills me.

Okie said...

I feel ya on the stage fright thing. I hate public speaking. I'm so afraid of looking stupid, that I end up looking stupid.

I used to play guitar back when my fingers worked decent. I've missed making music, but need an instrument easy on the fingers, so I've started messing around with the harmonica. It's kinda fun, I might actually work at getting better at it.

katrina lauren said...

i took flute lessons for 9 years...and have since taught myself the guitar. i can totally relate to stage fright..oh dear. i remember one time playing in front of a crowd at the music festival and my mouth went completely dry....can't play the flute very well with dry mouth! all i could focus on was the adjudicator's pitcher full of ice water....i quit mid song and left the stage you can well imagine getting on stage after that experience never got any easier! i love everything about music...when i play the guitar i feel relaxed; what a wonderful escape!

aliice said...

i took piano since 4 years old and i just stopped last month,
i was barely practicing anymore and yea :[

now im kinda sad haha no more recitals >< although i never liked them haha
i think i WILL start again next year tho :D
if i get more timee

youre so pro at everything allison!
orchestra AND piano!!

Anonymous said...

I love the piano. I'm so glad I learned how to play - it's one of my major ways to relieve stress. But I'm with you on the stage fright. I hated recitals - I'd rather just play for myself. :)

Sam said...

i took piano lesson while i lived in Texas but once we moved to Missouri, I quit. I really regret it now too, I wish my parents wouldn't have let me quit! We have a beautiful grand piano in our house that just sits there. I want to pick it back up at some point. And I really want to know how to play guitar! I'm planning on getting one for Christmas :)