Monday, November 23, 2009

Learning Lines

It started all started in Drama. Again.
We were studying lines for an upcoming performance- not a play, just a collection of scenes and monologues.
(If you were wondering what Karina and I are doing, the play's called "And Never Been Kissed". The plot? Persian Love Drops!)
Anyways, we were up in the loft (the costume attic) and talking/running lines when we noticed something strange in the women's dress section.

Hm... that's not awkward at all.
It was just Ab and Gavin, practicing their lines in secret.

So, of course, we had to pull a little practical joke.
Nothing much, we just switched their shoes (Gavin's are the white and green, and Ab's are the checkered Vans).
It was a pretty amazing feat (no pun intended!) considering the fact that they're 3 shoe sizes apart.. but HEY- if it works...

We also gave them matching tats.

What do you do to memorize/practice speeches?


Heather said...

I always read them aloud and acted them out from the start. That way they become more "real" and natural and get you "in the part" immediately.

Treasure these simple and sweet moments-esp. the ones in drama, because they go by fast.

Those simple moments are the ones that i miss the most.

Allison said...

I'll remember that! :D Thanks.

Alexandria said...

Um. Your blog makes feel old...which I am.

Your blog also makes me miss drama...I loved it so.

I would always practice my lines in front of the mirror...or in the shower! haha

Amy said...

Ooo I do exactly what Heather said...I read the lines in character from the beginning. It totally helps. Helps me anyway!

I have some great memories from the drama costume closet at my HS. We were all so crazy. Good times- I miss them :(

Karina said...

:) I love their tattoos. They are so cool haha. :) I love hangning out in the loft during class.

SJ said...

This post makes me miss theatre!

I always read my lines straight from the script, over and over again. I have a kind of photographic memory so it helps.

A LOT of my friends made flashcards. Apparently it worked for them, but I never tried it, so I don't really know. It seemed like more work than anything.

linnykins said...

Hehe! How did they not wake up...? You must've been pretty subtle! Cute matching tats.

I'm not a fan of speeches (hence why I'm not doing theatre, I think it's awesome you're doing that!) but lots of practise definitely helped!

Mar said...

Love the tats!
For me it was reading the lines over and over and over again to the point I could remember everything..

aliice said...

i'd copy it on a piece of notecard and get my sister to look at it while i try to say it out loud.
but she usually runs out of patience and even if i say the wrong things she'll go yeayea thats right..
so i stopped using her ;]

Karm said...

lol good one. sheesh, everything happens in Drama... you probably need to start a new blog with the names "The Drama Class Diaries" or something haha, but you always seem to have fun things to post. =] love it.

Elizabeth said...

I pace. I recite and I pace. I can't practice with anybody else because they just distract me.

Connie said...

bahaha you are hilarious... I love that pic of their legs sticking out! And your hair how to.. and the upside down face on that one dude...

haha! You're great (: