Saturday, November 28, 2009

Not Your Traditional Thanks

I know that most families spend their Thanksgiving weekends eating turkey and stuffing, and not really paying much attention to Christmas, save for the major shopping on Friday.
My family is different. And I love it!
I'm not saying that we don't do Thanksgiving- we totally do- but the day after Thanksgiving is spent like Christmas since we don't get to see our cousins on the actual December 25.
One of our Thanksistmas traditions is gingerbread houses, and I think that we've gotten pretty good at them! :D

Mathew and the cousins starting the houses on Grandpa's kitchen table.
(Notice Mathew's minimalist approach to decorating. Yes, that is what happens when he's eager to play a computer game.)

With the younger cousins (and even some of the older ones) the policy for gingerbread decorating was strictly "one candy on the house, one in the mouth". As you can see, Lilly was working on the latter part of that statement!

Yes, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to decorating gingerbread houses. I'm usually the last one at the table, and the whole shenanigan usually takes more than an hour.

Patrick's take on the classic gingerbread house. I think he called it "Return of the Zombie Snow Slugs". (The green eyed white blobs being the zombie snow slugs, and the decapitated gingerbread men being their victims.)

All the cousins (Mathew, Lilly, Allison, Claire, Nick, Patrick) with their finished houses the next morning! If I look tired, it's probably because I was. Sleeping in the same room as excited cousins does nothing for one's beauty sleep! :D

I felt like my hard work payed off. I was pretty happy with the results of my gingerbread house, having toiled for a couple of hours.
(The most tedious part? The gumdrop pathway. My mom helped me cut each drop in half, the uncut drop being too tall.)

What was your favorite part of this weekend?


Marissa said...

Cute houses! I bet that took a lot of hard work.

My favorite part of this weekend is watching my brother in law hang lights on the house.. so funny!

Marissa said...
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linnykins said...

Woah! Super awesome gingerbread houses, yours looks especially imprressive. I bet it's hard to eat the whole thing after spending lots of time on it? Maybe you should go into a business if theatre doesn't work out ;) hehe.

amanda leeann said...

chick, that gingerbread house rules. sweet action!

my favorite part has definitely been sleep. lame, i know lol.

Alexandria said... could be a professional gingerbread designer. You have some serious skills.

My favorite part was shopping (for myself) today! Love it...

Karina said...

AH! So much amazingness in one house. Did you get to bring it home? I love gingerbread.

Hmm best part... Idk. It's over too fast!

JusticePirate said...

Super cute that your family does that. What a great job you did on your house. I love this!

SJ said...

Okay, um. Your house looks freakin' AMAZING! I am so jealous. It's beautiful! Your cousin's is very...creative... hahaha!

Sasha "Liz Anonymously" said...

Oh my gosh, what a pretty little gingerbread house! That is so cool!

Kellie said...

I'm so jealous of your gingerbread house! Boyfriend and I tried making one yesterday and failed miserably. But we gave up halfway through and just watched a movie!

By the way, I left you an award on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Dang, you have serious gingerbread house decorating should enter a contest. :)