Monday, November 2, 2009

Paint Clothes

Today in Drama, me and Karina (Karina and I, psh.) were assigned to splatter paint on part of the set. SO INTERESTING... not.
Anyways, we were all cuted out in our little sweaters and my headband- and we didn't want to get the clothes dirty. So we went to the

It's not really called that, but that's what I call it, because it's full to the brim of old clothes that nobody wants that are huge and anyone can wear them to paint.

We are pretty pro at finding not-ugly/old/gross paint tops.

Pants, on the other hand.. are not so easy to find.

Yay! Karina just lost 100 pounds! That's why she has such a HUGE smile on her face! (and a pair of huge pants on her bottom)

Um.. were these supposed to button? I think they were guys' dress pants at one point.. and then they got covered in paint, and failed to button at the waist, and fell down so that it looked like I was sagging.

Have you ever worn gross clothes?


Karm said...

HAHAHAHHA thats hilarious. I need some big pants to make me feel better haha
but yes I have worn gross clothes before... feeling is down right yucky!!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

on my mission trips in the summer time i am gross clothes queen! :)

haha looks like you guys had fun!

SJ said...

Oh goodness! I guess that is what Theatre is all about, anyway! I did lots of painting in for my HS's company and never came home clean.

have a great week!

linnykins said...

Ahhaha, this post made me smile! Your expressions are priceless, hehe :)

Some of the clothes I used to wear when I was little, well. Cringe worthy much? !

Lauren said...

Um. Hilar. You two are so cute!

I wear ug clothes every day when I work out. It's sad.

Manju said...

Lol you two are funny, and cute :)
Thanks for following! I'm glad you found my blog, coz now i found yours too ^^

samnhal said...

I would be happy if I instantly lost a 100 pounds. Especially since they say the camera usually adds ten pounds. haha.

Elizabeth said...

Those pants are horrible...and so funny :)