Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Servant Unit

That was my sneaky way of combining two phrases "The Servant of Two Masters", a HILARIOUS play that our school is putting on, and my "boyfriend unit".
(See here if you do not know my boyfriend unit)

So, my boyfriend unit is in the show. And it (or he/she) is great.

Stella, the yin of my boyfriend unit, dressed as the incognito Beatrice (dressed as her dead brother) looking for her star-crossed lover.

Elad, the yang of my boyfriend unit, dressed up as the "Cuing Pierrot" and dancing to Single Ladies. Because the show is cool like that.

We're cool. Except for me...because I look like a chipmunk. Let me tell you- it is REALLY hard to smile big and happy if two people are squishing their lips against your cheeks. Even if they are the best boyfriend unit ever.


Karina said...

You're boyfriend unit is AMAZING. :)

Alexandria said...

Boyfriend unit!! That is too cute!

Oooh plays are so much fun! I miss doing them!

SJ said...

What a fun play! Sometimes I miss theatre.

Haha, Boyfriend Unit! How adorbs. You're too cute!

amanda leeann said...

i love your boyfriend unit idea!

and i also love that you have glee's somebody to love playing on your sidebar =] that song makes me happy!

Elizabeth said...

I'm teaching drama this semester...all your costumes are so fun! I'm in charge of sewing up the costumes for my girls. Pain.In.Side.

Amy said...

How cute! You 3 look like you always have a blast together. And I love awesome! :)

ab said...

dude, allison your blog is amazing!!!