Monday, November 30, 2009

A Word of Advice

Just a word of advice:
Make sure you REALLY know what you're getting when you buy a bag so innocently marked "fruit snacks". Because, I'm sorry, I thought that meant a bag of gummy chewy candies.
Yeah, no.
Apparently it means "tasteless sticky candy monsters that latch onto your teeth and never let go".

If you really do want the LEGIT fruit snacks, go to Costco.
I know, sounds dumb, but their's are the bomb, not these failure wannabe fruit snacks.

Have you ever been tricked by a so-called "good" candy?


Marissa said...

Sometimes off brand stuff is the way to go.
and as far as I'm concerned, all candy is good candy :)

Karina said...

Gross. :(

Alexandria said...

The white chocolate Kit-Kat had me swooning until I actually tasted it.

I figured, "I love white chocolate. I also love Kit-Kats. The two together? Awesome."

Yeah. No. Not awesome. Sick-to-the-nast my friend. ugh!

SJ said...


Mar said...

Dude, that's awful!
I've never had it with candy, but sometimes when I get myself a drink, I don't remember what it was. And then when I taste sprite when I thought I was having a coke... Yuk!

lynninlove said...

haha... I hate those gummy candies... the ones that makes you feel like you'll lose a tooth!! What a letdown :)

Darian said...

haha you gave me some of those candies and they dont taste like anything,
but today i was hungry so i went and got some more and i don't know why, they still were super sticky

Nate : ( said...

that's my hand!
DUDE I def forgot to turnitin..
eff me T.T

Lauren said...

Gross! What a disappointment that must have been haha!

I had a similar moment with white chocolate m&m's. They were awful.

Sasha "Liz Anonymously" said...

I have been tricked before!!!

Dollar General's sour gummi worms are impostors.
They taste like Clorox Bleach.
What were they thinking?

Haha tasteless sticky candy monsters that latch onto your teeth and never let go.... :)

linnykins said...

Heh, have fun at the dentists!!! I'm sure I've been tricked by so called "good" candy, but I can't think of any now. Maybe it's been blocked from my memory!

Sounds like a let down :(