Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Faux Dance

Okay, technically it wasn't "faux" at all, seeing as there WAS a dance...
I just didn't go to it.

And it kills me to say that! I mean, it wasn't a regular high school dance, it was a Blue Pearl Dance! With 50s and jazz music, and swing dancing, and food from Bucca de Beppo (an Italian restaurant).
To sum it up- it was my perfect dance.

For those who don't know me that well, you should know that I absolutely ADORE the 50s- the music, the styles, the dance.

So, I thought to myself, "Why should orchestra affect the fact that I can't go to the dance? Other than the fact, of course, that it's preventing me from going..."

I decided to retain the spirit of the dance (even though I had to go to orchestra instead) by doing my hair. And you know how much I love to do that! :D

This particular hair style involved some curls and a victory roll (at least so I was told) and I think may have even been a 40s style.. but whatever.

The final product (viewed in the college's bathroom). That roll on the top TECHNICALLY shouldn't have been showing bobby pins. Like, I was totally disobeying common "vintage etiquette" by them being seen... but I really didn't have enough time to fix it to "perfection".

Viewed from the front. This was taken after orchestra practice (3 hours) so it wasn't as full as it started out, but it still looked okay! (or so I thought...)
If my smile's looking a little forced to you.. it probably was. I was TIRED.

Oh, the fun we have during the 15 minute break at orchestra! (cough, cough). I'm just kidding- I love these "band geeks".
If it looks like Jenny, Kyle, Henry, me, and Mathew are really short... we're all bending so that the camera (which was on top of a piano) could get us all.

Yeah.. um. What a flattering picture!
I believe that I was holding up the "last existing curl"... but remember. I was tired.

What do you do Friday nights?


Kellie said...

That is such a cute hairstyle! It makes me wish my hair was short enough to pull it off. I'm pretty sure my Friday nights are so boring that they bear no significance.. so yeah :) I spent last night just reading.

Marissa said...

Looks like ya'll had fun!

We go to gymnastic meets on the weekends.. Nothing else to do!

Brendan said...

AHHH i wanted to go so badly!

I was at my church for the childrens musical rehearsal practicing my video taping skills for tomorrows performance.

Justice Pirate said...

well, it's not a victory roll but it is definitely a 40s style that you recreated! Victory rolls always have one on each side of the head and they stick up a bit more and form a "V" for Victory! It's pretty what you did though!! certainly!! Nice job, even with all the pins hehe.

Allison said...

Thanks, Justice Pirate! :D Haha, yeah, I have to get my terms straight!

SJ said...

Aww, you looked so cute! I'm sorry you missed out on the dance!

Mar said...

Another hairstyle I'm gonna have to try!
I'm sorry you missed the dance :( But you're a hero for taking pictures even though you were tired!

Natalie said...

your hair looks so cute here :)


Anonymous said...

your hair looks awesome!! i love it!! im sorry you couldn't make it to the dance though :(

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Love the hairstyle so cute...your so pretty!

linnykins said...

Gutted you didn't go to the dance, but yay for having your own fun anyway! Great job on the hair :D


Anonymous said...

I love your hair, and your so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I love your hair, and your so pretty!