Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Free Falling

This morning I went hiking with "the group".
Like most things that we do with the group- the hike did NOT go as planned. In a good way.
Instead of hiking and sweating a bunch, we just hiked and sweated a little. And we mainly took pictures. Darn awesome ones at that!

Since I want to sound like a stuck-up art museum freak, I shall name this set of pictures "Falling 1-9" (there are a LOT more pictures after these!).. and we can go from there!

Falling 1*
Allison falling off a cliff. Not her finest moment, seeing as her butt muscles contract awkwardly while she jumps.. she's seen better photo days. However, her yellow sweater contrasts nicely with the (drabber) green of the town. That would be one painful belly flop.

Falling 2*
Ab falling off a cliff in true falling style. It's a pity his hair is not standing straight up, but it's understandable, seeing as he's JUST jumped, and not has been falling for a while...

Falling 3*
Darian is pro. That is all.
Falling 4*
Oh, Gavin. I will commend you for how HIGH you can jump, however, form is not your best attribute. You look as though you are swimming in water and do not know which way is up.

Falling 5*
OH, Karina. This is said with a bigger sigh than Gavin's. For although you were able to jump off the hill, you managed to delete the picture of it, and instead only have the shot of you about to propel yourself. Oh, Karina.

Falling 6*
This picture shows how true of friends Karina and Allison are- they are willing to jump off hills together.

Falling 7*
It is true every girl's dream is to be a ballerina when she grows up... unfortunately, that was not what Karina and Allison were going for. They were pretending to be eyes.
Falling 8*
It's like High School Musical all over again! Except backwards. And jumping off a cliff.

Falling 9*
Um.. 'nuff said.

Do not attempt at home! These were not actual shots of jumping-off-cliffs. Suicide is not condoned.


Kellie said...

These pictures are ALL sorts of amazing! And your falling picture is definitely the best. I love them all though!

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Awesome pictures. Fun stuff that your friends did.

Sam said...

these are amazing! i love your comment on 'Falling 4' and your disclaimer at the end.

Celeste said...

these are so cool :) i love your yellow cardigan

Lauren said...

These pictures are so fun!

Your yellow cardigan is awesome!

Alexandria said...

The last one rules. Hilar!

Emily Sue said...

i like falling 6 gahh!! they're all sooo cool!

Christina said...

Love the pictures!

How far was that drop exactly!?

linnykins said...

Haha!! You got a workout just jumping so many times though, I bet!! :D

Elizabeth said...

You're so funny...and your butt looks fine.

lynninlove said...

oh my gosh... I LOVE these pictures! so much fun... and what a great background setting. I want to do some falling pictures now. What a great idea Allison!

Grace said...

When I first read "Free Falling" I was like Oh no she didn't! LOL!

Good pics though! It really does look like some of you and your friends were really falling, looks like you had tons of fun!

Happy New Year's! :D

Alyssa said...

This is really cool!! Looks like fun.
Happy new year to you too!!

Ivy said...

love these!

*Shreya* said...

i wonder how you took those pictures o.O

whatever i LOVE them!!!

Grace said...

Oh my gosh, these are so cute!
Definitely reminding me of fun times with my friends.

<3 Grace.

Marvelous Things said...

this was so much fun!!! I loved all of the shots.

LenkaLovee said...

these photos are stunning! so free... if that makes sense! lol. :)