Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions!

I know everybody is going on and on about the New Year and all the resolutions they are making.. I'm REALLY bad about that kind of stuff.

Like, I stink.

Then I was flipping through the comics this morning... (okay, not really flipping. I'll admit it- I read them every morning) and came across this Rose is Rose.

And while I'm not a born rebel, playing rebellion is really fun.
Like when I was hiking with my friends...

Ab waving at a security camera.

Me.. pretending to smoke a stick.

Me... smiling and pointing at a Private Property sign?

Don't worry.
I would never actually allow my friends and I to really do things like that... we weren't on private property (although we had some old people yell at us with their fists raised- no joke), I wasn't smoking (duh), and Ab was waving at a camera that makes sure people don't litter.

I'm not really sure what my point was supposed to be... be fake-rebellious? Don't make resolutions? Either way, have an amazing New Year's!

Welcome, 2010!


Kellie said...

I usually stink at new years resolutions.. making AND keeping them. But I decided to actually try this year.. I doubt it'll last.

Happy new year! Time needs to stop going by so fast!

Kristin Lee said...

I suck at new years resolutions too. So I'm going with "do everything to the most awesome degree"

samnhal said...

Being fake rebellious is awesome! I was totally like that in High School. Silly rebellious is the best.

Alexandria said...

Rebel without a cause style!

Happy New Year m'dear!

linnykins said...

Hehe, you look so pro in your faux smoking piccy :P

I hope you have a good 2010 too!!

Laura Gerencser said...

Greta post! Love the comic!!:)

Manju said...

aww you're too cute! fake rebellious?lollllll
happy new year :D

Lauren said...

You look like such a tough guy pretending to smoke that stick and I love it!

I say go for the whole rebellion thing, as long as it's nothing too crazy :)

Ivy said...

Happy New Year to you!

Karina said...

Haha we are so going to have the best 2010 ever. :)

You are SUCH a rebel.

lynninlove said...

You're the most adorable rebel I've ever seen! I guess your resolution is to always be you! Blog-love to you, my dear!

Happy New Year!!!

Mar said...

Happy New Year!

That pic of you smoking a stick could so have been from a magazine! I love it :)

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

Rebellion is amazing. Your posts always make me laugh, Allison! I hope you have a wonderful 2010! I know you will.