Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My boyfriend unit

So many girls at our school have boyfriends- for the longest time, I was so jealous of them! They seemed so happy for the two weeks or months (or in a few couple's cases, years) that they were dating... and then came the inevitable break-up. Of course, I didn't envy them that, with all the stress and crying and drama and GOSSIP...
I have come up with an easy solution to this never ending problem of "does he like me?" or "should I ask him to prom?" or "he just glanced at me- I think he loves me!".... 

The boyfriend unit.

Yes, folks, I myself am very happy with my boyfriend unit. I see him every day... and sometimes we hug.  We even hold hands. I'm sure you'd like to see who this mysterious hottie is, so I'll let you see him. 

I'm sure you are all scratching your heads in puzzlement. "That's not a boyfriend!" and "Why is that boy walking with a girl who's not Allison?"

That, my friends, is a boyfriend unit.

I still see confused faces. Let me explain further. I have two good friends, a boy and a girl, who are dating each other. They are THE CUTEST couple ever and have been dating for quite a while. One day, when I was down in the dumps feeling "unloved" we decided that they would be my boyfriend. 

I refer to Stella as the "yin" and to Elad as the "yang" of my boyfriend. 
It's actually very pleasant.

Sometimes we all three hold hands, Stella and Elad and I all string our fingers through each others... it's very funny.

We're happy together... of course some of you may refer to me as a "third wheel"... but I just choose to make a happier term! This way, I feel like I'm included :D

Yay for boyfriend units!

Disclaimer: I am not actually part of their relationship, it's all just a big joke to amuse ourselves (and me). Yes, Stella and Elad are dating. NO, I don't date either of them. Just a clarification! :D

Monday, September 28, 2009

I ROCK at sewing.

So today in drama, my teacher asked me to sew some muslin for the stage floor. Of course, the fact that I had never sewed anything before didn't sway her- she taught me! 
( I guess she was really desperate...)

So here I am, rockin' at sewing... not paying attention to-

WHOOPS! I guess I accidentally sewed over an extra fold of cloth.

Wonderful. Just wonderful. What am I going to do now? FAIL DRAMA BECAUSE I FAIL AT SEWING???

Don't worry. Super Seamstress Woman WILL prevail... all it takes is a few snips, and moving the cloth, and....

TADA!! What did I tell you? DON'T DOUBT ME!!

*All the pictures were taken during the actual course of trials and tribulations... just pretend you didn't see the tear stains on the muslin... :D*

50th Post!

This is pretty big news.
50 big ones. That's like half a century... except in posts.
Or a Ulysses S. Grant bill.
Or two quarters.
Or a rapper... oh wait. That's 50 Cent. Just kidding.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Attractive-ist Males 2009

There are many attractive males in this world, obviously. So this list would be better read as "Allison's List of Attractive Celebrity Males 2009". But you know what I mean...

A disclaimer: these are not in order by attractiveness. I can't rate that.
Let's start!

1. Zac Efron

Zac Efron is universally good looking, I think. Blue eyes, long eyelashes, hair that I don't even know the true color of because he looks great in all of them! (except blond. never go there, Zac) And he pulls off the 50's/60's style extremely well, as seen in Hairspray. I actually have a thing for that gelled curl of Link Larkin...

2. Nick Jonas
I was smart. I could've put "attractive men" as my title.. but I didn't know if Nick qualified. But I definitely think he's attractive! I know, I know, according to my friend, he's part of the "Jonas Sisters" but.. I think it's attractive when a guy can sing, play multiple instruments, and has curly hair. The curly hair is a big one. :D

3. Jesse Eisenburg
My boy Jesse's kind of a nerd. I'd put him in the "geeky dreamboats" category. And unfortunately, I can't seem to find a great picture of him! But inside, I know there's one out there. As a magazine put it- he's a mix of Micheal Cera, and Adam Brody. With Nick's hair.

4. Cory Montieth
He looks like he's trying to be really cool in this picture, but I actually like him for the awkwardness/cute-dumbness that I see in his GLEE character, Finn. Cory also seems like a really down-to-earth guy in interviews, and that's cute!

5. Asher Book
I have no idea about this guy, I just found out about him recently from the movie FAME. But he can sing and dance, I assume. And he's good looking. So he makes the list!

6. Taylor Lautner

He doesn't look very happy, does he? Well, he's in Twilight. And he's really good at martial arts. And his muscles are really big....his laugh is funny and cute. And he's my age!

7. John Krasinksi

John is my TV/Office love. We share a birthday... and I won't mention how far apart we are. Because it's sad. It's also sad that he's getting married- I mean, John, I'm happy for you, but- I thought I was going to be your wife! sigh. It's okay. I'll be happy watching you and Pam every thursday. I heart JAM.

8. Alex Pettyfer

Wow. You are so good looking- and this really isn't even the best picture out there. In fact, there were many of you shirtless- I would love to put them up here, but I'll let you (ladies) do that yourself. Just type "Alex Pettyfer" on Google Images... and you will see a 1:2 ratio of shirt-on to shirt-off. Treat yourself! :D

9. David Archuleta

He is SUCH a cutie in a really innocent, cherub-type way. I really like his voice. I wanted him to win American Idol Season 7, but he didn't. He gets nervous sometimes and has a really cute nervous chuckle, and he seems like a real gentleman. What a cutie.

10. Kris Allen
Since I put up David from American Idol, I also have to put up Kris. Hey, Kris. Good for you winning American Idol. Simon likes you. You made me like "Falling Slowly" from the movie Once. You're cute.

11. Paul Wesley
You may know him from CW's Vampire Diaries. I wouldn't, personally, because I haven't watched it. But I can pretend I watched it because I read Lauren's recaps ( Do yourselves a favor and read them too! Plus, you'll enjoy Mr. Wesley. And his abs.

And by the way, Paul? Your name/title FAILS. Why won't it just get rid of that space in between it and the picture?  

Seriously- there are SO many more guys out there who are just as attractive as these guys. I can't even name them all. If you want them all.... that's impossible. Don't go hatin' on my list, though. :D

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Friday, September 25, 2009

Really, Anne?

I was eating lunch with my group of friends today. Just chilling.
I was scooping a forkful of spaghetti in my mouth and chewing when I saw my friend's boyfriend (known for pranks) walk by us.
Finishing my mouthful, I thought nothing of it.

Until two hands slammed down on my shoulders and a loud voice shouted "AAAHHHH!"

I screamed.

Karina, being the lovely friend she is, started laughing her head off.
Me: ...
Me: Thanks a bunch, Karina.

Then I hear another round of laughter coming from next to me- Anne.

Me: What? You saw my face when I screamed and thought it was funny, too?
Anne: (hysterically) HAHAHA, NO, but I see your face NOW!

Thanks, Anne. Love you, too.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Why, hello, Asher Book!
You have a cool last name. Do you read a lot?
I hear you are in the new movie "Fame" that's coming out... I know because of the poster behind you.
I have no idea what your movie is about.. but I think I will watch it, because you're cute! :D

an hour later...

From what I read off of the synopsis of Wikipedia, Fame is about an arts school in New York that focuses on turning its students into successful actors, dancers, singers, etc. It's based off of the 1980 film/musical, so there's singing... and it's PG.

Sounds like a perfect movie for me! ♥

edit three hours later...

what. That boy is not 21. I do not believe it. He's 19 at oldest.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm a Gleek, too.

If I didn't make that clear enough in my previous post...
Just wanted to let EVERYONE know. :D
I know you're asking me, "Why, Allison, WHY??"
or maybe not.
But Glee is cool. It's high school life (played by older-than-teens) with real life problems and MUSIC!
You can tell that the singing is the selling point for me.
I like the actors, too- they seem down to earth (I have no idea if they really are) and they tweet cute pictures of themselves!

Pictures taken from Cory (aka Finn) Monteith's twitter and Google:

Cory appears to be sleeping on his first big boy bed! Yay, Cory! I think he also gets cold at night (or is checking out his breath) 'cause he covers his mouth with his collar. Who knows?

Dressing up as girls... and Bob Marley. They all look into it- especially Chris on the far right who appears to be checking out his amazing locks in a mirror in back of the cameraman... :D

These two are SOO cute. Please watch the drama and romance that ensues during "Acafellas" between Kurt and Mercedes... and take some tissues with you- because you will be crying your head off.

Group photo! All those happy eyes on the camera except for Mark Salling's.... I wonder who's camera he's looking at?

There used to be a picture here....but it keeps disappearing. Read below for more options!

I saved this for last. Because I ♥ babies. And this one is too cute. The baby is wearing a GLEE dress with a bow. And Mark and Dianna are playing with her. ADORABLE. Plus I like Mark's glasses. And his mohawk. And his shirt.

(If the picture's not working for you (it happens.. it was poopy) just click yourself over to so you can at least see the amazingness and cuteness of this picture! I wouldn't want you to miss out! :D)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm a Twit.

I guess it doesn't sound as good as if I say "I'm a gleek."
Which by the way, I am.
But, yes. I have finally jumped onto the "twitter bandwagon"... and hopefully will have some followers. This stuff is hardcore, man!
Tweet me at abiteofallison.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I appreciate good music

Don't get me wrong. I liked it when Miley sang it. But this version of "The Climb" has SO much more soul (and harmony, something that I adore) than Miley's.

Check it out.

Kelly Clarkson and her backup singers singing "The Climb" together. (Skip to 0:50 for the actual singing!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Play with Lipstick

I apparently have an amazing time with lipstick.
Why? It's just SO FUN! There are so many colors, shades...
too bad they don't show up well on camera.

This lipstick was actually really dark... like, not DARK dark.. but 20's flapper dark. Or Snow White scarlet lips dark. Or overripe strawberry dark.
Or blood-on-jeans dark.

Wow. I should have a career as a lipstick namer.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Room is a Mess

Having so much schoolwork and "extracurriculars" (I don't know why people call it that, it makes it sound not fun anymore...) makes it really hard for me to keep my room clean.
Just ask my mom! I'm sure she'd love to tell you ALL about it.

My desk and bookshelf, as of right now:

(Look at the stacks on my desk! I actually am quite proud of my bookshelf right now... but as you can see, I tactically don't show my room's floor, perhaps because it is messy as well... all in the plan!)

Here is a map to my desk, just in case you had problems seeing it! :D

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm a celebrity

Well, at least, Mathew, my mom, and I are.
My dad took the picture, so... I guess that makes him the artist? Hmm...
You probably have no idea what I'm talking about right now- I'm sorry. Let me explain in further detail.

I was in the newspaper today!
(At least a picture of us in France was.)

Here's the actual picture:

If we look dumb, just look in back of us and you'll see that we're pretending to be the statue.
If we still look dumb...
well, I have nothing to say to that. :D

It's actually kind of funny though- various neighbors dropped by with paper clippings for us, and my mom got, like, 5 emails of "I saw you in the paper!"... we're cool.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Tootsie Roll Man

At lunch one day last week... (I can't remember the exact day because I have horrible memory!) a kindly person was handing out tootsie rolls.

Unfortunately, we were around the end of the circuit she was making, and you remember that last week was HOT... well, time + hot + tootsie rolls = melted tootsie rolls.

Well, since most of the fun of tootsie rolls comes from their chewyness (because it sure doesn't come from their taste :D) and my roll was dead, I decided to play with my food instead, because it's fun.. and the tootsie roll was like Playdoh!

After a minute of molding, I made... the TOOTSIE ROLL MAN!

So sorry about the horrible focus- my phone camera is not very intelligent and focuses on the background more than it focuses on my man.

The second I gave my tootsie roll man legs, he jumped up and shouted,
" Run, run, as fast as you can! You can't catch me, I'm the Tootsie Roll Man!!"

He jumped right into my mouth, and I never saw him again.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

J'aime babies!

If you know me well, you know that I love babies.
I simply ADORE them.
Their cuddly-ness, their smell, facial expressions- everything about them. (except maybe when they wet themselves/poop in their diapers)
But their laugh? It's THE cutest thing.

And what's cuter than one baby laughing?
Four babies!

I don't know what's so hilarious to them, but I know that I laugh my head off when all of them start laughing all at once!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Videos for Kriti ♥

These are just for you, Kriti.

I've been singing (and dancing) this around Kriti for the past week. And it's time she saw the amazingness that is beach boys and Miley Cyrus. (there's nothing inappropiate in this, don't worry)

(skip to 00:46 for the real action, to 2:30 for the real real action... and to 2:50 for the rap. that's right, rap.) This is a funny song from Veggie Tales that my 3 year old cousin introduced me to this weekend. It's pretty hilarious. Think Backstreet Boys + N'Sync + vegetables... :D

Monday, September 7, 2009

Match that Jonas!

We're going to play a little game here, folks, called

Match that Jonas!!

I guess the title does not especially lead one to know what this game is about, so here are the rules:

1. There is at least one matching quality between each of the Jonas Brothers and each of us cute girls :D
2. You have to match each girl with one Jonas boy. (or vise versa)
3. It really shouldn't be that difficult for you... if it is, please go back to Kindergarten.
4. Go!!

From left to right: vintage Kevin, Nick, Joe

From left to right: Allison, Anne, Aneesha

Just a side note: I think it's REALLY funny that Aneesha's and Joe's eyes are matching... uh oh. Did I just give something away?

Neha's Sweet 16

This weekend I went to Neha's Sweet Sixteen.
There were millions of people there. literally. Her relatives, friends, family friends, friend's friends... the whole shabbam.
So, I'm sure you can all infer that if there were millions of people, there had to have been LOTS of food. And there was. They catered from this Indian place that I forgot the name of. And the food was SO delicious.
But it was SPICY.

We drank SO MUCH Caprisun it wasn't even funny. This pile is basically just from me and Anne alone.

Unfortunately, Lots of food + SPICY + Too much Caprisun = Allison feels really sick and Aneesha cries for Allison's tummy.

Here's the beautiful birthday girl, Neha!

Here's Aneesha looking adorable. As always.

Here's Anne with the tree's shadow right on her face... I can swear she drank more Caprisun than me, though.

Here's Karina pretending that the food isn't spicy but really sticking a straw into another Caprisun.

Overall, it was SUPER fun. My stomachache wore off after a few hours...and I haven't touched spicy food since! :D

Saturday, September 5, 2009

{Vintage} Phone Pictures

I'll admit, I can be a bit technologically-challenged. For every type of electronic device possible: computers, televisions, phones, i-pods, i-phones (because those are in a different category than phones and ipods. They are their own unit :D)... cameras.
The list goes on for quite a while.
That is why I haven't been able to post any pictures from my phone- I had no idea how to transfer them. Until now.

1. Carlisle Street
We passed this every day on our way to breakfast during our New York trip... it may or may not have made me squeal each time... :D

2. I can turn myself into a vampire

Yup. It's pretty cool.

3. Mathew and I make Snow Castles
We were bored skiing for 2 full days at Tahoe, even thought the views were GORGEOUS.

So we sat at the snow next to the lift-top, and made a snow castle. It was chill. Literally. :D

4. Lena hearts Johnny
Lena, one of my besties, looks great in sunglasses...

And her walls are covered in Johnny Depp. WOwza.

5. Twilight Hands
Lena's boyfriend makes Twilight hands for me!

6. Valentine's Day Balloon

My daddy brings Mathew and me balloons for Valentine's day! YAY! <3

7. Library Posters

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson apparently read Twilight on the set... in full costume.

8. Hard Rock Cafe
The Hard Rock Cafe in New York REALLY likes me. I mean, it has my name on it's walls.. so, yeah. I most definitely did not cut off an "e" in the words "All is One" to pretend that it said "Allison". Pshaw! Of course not...