Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to: Braid It Like a Headband

I'm never really a hair-down kind of girl.
Even if I think it's pretty sometimes, it always is a nuisance and usually leads to me looking in the mirror way more than is necessary to make sure my hair has "the right amount of messiness" or has "enough volume on the top" to make it look nice.

The braid headband started out as a project modeled after Angela Martin (from The Office) and her stuffy hairdos. I was able to do it on other people, but as it involved a half-french braid trailing around the head starting from the nape of the neck, I wasn't able to replicate it on myself. Darn the fact that I don't have elastic arms!

So, this headband is WAY simple and is kind of a modification of the ever popular Heidi hairstyle that's been going around!

DISCLAIMER: The following pictures are gonna be awkward, camera-in-the-photo, looking at yourself in the mirror kinds of pictures. Be warned.

Step 1
Girl, let your hair hang loose!

Step 2
Gather a small section of hair from the nape of your neck; the amount that you grab will determine how big your braid will be!

Step 3
Braid it!

Step 4
Take the braided section up over your head and secure it with several bobby pins. It's better to keep the pins hidden, but don't fret if they're not; your loose hair will cover them!

Step 5

Repeat steps 2-4 with the other side of your head.

And voila!
Excuse the startled expression, it's my "WOW, who knew something could be so simple?!" face.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

But if you decide to stay, I guess I'll just whip out my handy-dandy umbrella hat.

It's not mine, actually, but I find it amazing all the same!

I mean, seriously. What else provides the same utility as an umbrella that you don't have to hold?

And best of all, it didn't even mess up Ab's hair when he took it off!

Really guys, this thing is priceless.
(And I'm sure the looks you get when you wear it are, too.)

What do you do for the rain?
Do you run for cover in a cute pair of rainboots? Splash about in puddles?
OR- do you actually own one of these umbrella-hats?

Monday, December 20, 2010


Why, hello!
You may not remember me. Probably because I haven't posted in the last... uh, I dunno... TWO PLUS WEEKS.
Don't worry, I am slapping myself for you right now 'cause you can't really do it through the screen.
I've been up to what every Senior in High School is up to- college apps. more college apps. lots of schoolwork and finals. homework. college apps. college apps.
I think you get it.

BUT, what better way to come back than with a super fun Monday Melody??
Okay, I know you don't judge and that's why I'm going to tell you about this song. It's a relatively old song (it was written before I was born) but I'm absolutely in love with it.
The embarrassing part- it's kind of on repeat in my room when I wake up and before I go to sleep and I literally will listen to it over and over with my door closed and jump around.
And possibly make "cool" faces in the mirror while I'm doing so.
You know you love me for it.

This week's melody is "Our House" by Madness.
Apparently it's in a Verizon commercial right now? So if you've been inspired and ran to your computer right after hearing the ad, I don't blame you one bit.
Okay, my dad calls this a silly song, and it kind of is, but what better to dance to, right?
And all those key changes? Perfect for introducing new levels of dance.
And by levels I mean, dancing on your bed, then on the floor, then on the chairs....

PS: Keep your fingers crossed for me! Man, applications are hard to get through and waiting for decisions is TORTURE!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Olive Juice!

Did you ever have that strange trend/joke running around your middle school where someone would mouth the words "olive juice" at another person and laugh hysterically while the recipient of the message thought they were being told "I love you"?
A totally random thought tangent, but that's what comes to mind if you ask me to use a phrase with "olive" in it.
That, and "I love olives"- because who doesn't?

I was at my friend Emily's house today, working on a Lit project (about Wuthering Heights) with a group of 3 girls, and of course we stopped for lunch in the middle of our rigorous studying. And what better to eat than pizza?
Emily and I share a mutual love for olives, and decided that a spinach and cheese pizza, however tasty it might be, just wouldn't cut it for us. We needed OLIVES.
We sprinkled the little slices of goodness over the dough (stopping when the other girls protested our antics) and decided that we would go back to our elementary school roots, drawing an imaginary line for "their side" and "our side".

Our finished product:

Mmm, I'm salivating just looking at it!

According to our group mates, Emily and I went overboard, but in reality?
PSH, you can never have too many olives!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh, Family!

I absolutely love Thanksgiving.
It's the time of the year when my cousins (who we don't see too often) come up and we all gather at my Grandpa's house for food and fun! We are kind of a stereotypical group:

We have the girls, posing for pictures, and the guys... one of whom is smiling (Go, Mathew!), one of whom is blurred because he moved his head at the last minute (Nick), and one of whom is blatantly not smiling for the camera (Patrick). Oh, boys.

The other fun part about Thanksgiving is the gingerbread houses, remember?

For the girls, it was a huge ordeal- perfect lines of icing, the right colors of candy for each window, door, and shingle!

For the little ones, it was more about ingesting candy. And LOTS of it.
(I can say without hesitation that Lilly ate more than one tube of icing- and the green around her face and hands proves it!)

The finished products:

Mostly all cheerful, except for Patrick who had some sort of massacre on his house (the second closest to the camera), I believe he named it "The Silence of the Gingerbread Men".
Creative one, he is!

And the obligatory posing smiling with the completed houses:

What traditions do you have for the holiday season?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Be Friendly & Control Your Hyperness.

Okay, this is ridiculous and ADORABLE.

Little 9-year-old Alec Greven is a published author of the book, How to Talk to Girls- and this kid is completely serious! He is too cute, and this video about how to get a girlfriend in elementary school ("...and then once you're in high school you can take them out on dates, and who knows? Maybe you'll get married!") is so precious.

My favorite quotes:

"And, she might figure out that you love her- your secret is to make sure that nobody finds out that you love her."

"You have to be able to get over [your crush] 'cause if you can't, it'll be sure to ruin your life and it will haunt you forever..."

"I always say: Life is hard, move on."

"Be friendly, be clean, control your hyperness."


Is he cute, or what?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Katniss is My Homegirl...

... and Economics is (right now) my new favorite subject.
Why, you ask?

Well, in the middle of a long discussion about the Federal Reserve Bank, and how it regulates inflation and is the "bank for banks" etc, etc, we learned about the twelve District Branches (who make up a committee that makes decisions) and where they were located.

At first, I looked at the map and was like, "Really? We have the least say in the meetings? We have a huge district!"
And then....


Yeah, that's right. I'm Katniss status right here in California.
And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, get yourself over here right now. And READ.


I knew there was a reason I lived on the West Coast.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sometimes I Play with My Food.

I'm not very good at finishing things.
I have a half-finished yarn quilt thing that I started when I was in second grade.... and never completed. I have various notebooks that are scribbled in for the first three pages and then tucked into a convenient corner in my room.

But if there's one thing that I can say about myself, it's that I'm creative.

I guess my stomach is kind of small, but it seems like I can NEVER finish my ice-cream cups. Crazy, right? Especially since I can eat half a carton in no time at all... but that's a different story.
I believe it's a mental problem.
I make up for this deficiency in common sense (Because who refuses to finish ice cream? It's barbaric!) by sculpting my leftovers, usually into the roundest shapes I can possibly make.

what was left of a Sweet Cream and cookie dough-infused Coldstone Love it.

I call it The Orb of Indefinite Indulgence.
It's a masterpiece.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pack Up!

I think I have got to be one of the most sporadic writers in the history of blogging... and it's kind of giving me whiplash. (Yes, whenever I hear "whiplash" I think Twilight "Your mood swings are kind of giving me whiplash"... don't judge.)
ANYWAYS, I'm trying to return to whatever schedule I might have had (Monday Melodies, ahem.) with an awesomely cool song that my friend Emily showed me.

It's a real pick-me-up song by Eliza Doolittle called "Pack Up", and it's been in my CD player on repeat for the last two weeks. It's that good.

Amazing, right? I got to love that man's rich voice and her quirky style! Her voice is totally not what I'd expect first looking at her, but boy do I enjoy it!


PS: Can I just say, first college application submitted? WHOOT!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Don't Mean to be Gleeful, but....

... this has got to be the cutest thing I have ever seen.
Yes, I know my last post (which was a while ago... I've been a bad blogger and a busy student) was about Glee too- but there are just so many adorable things going on in these pictures!

Look at those little guys compared to these big ones!
Isn't it adorable how little Finn is the smallest of the littlun's when big Finn is the biggest of the bigun's?

Kurt and Kurt with matching hats? Mike and Mike with matching Flannel? Finn and Finn with matching vests? Rachel and Rachel with matching animal sweaters??
I think I'm going crazy.

And behind the scenes, too?

Favorite Mini-Gleek quotes:

Mini-Finn: "My name is Finn and I like Rachel Berry!"
Mini-Puck: (kiss, kiss) "These ones are fully loaded!"
Mini-Mercedes: "Mr. Schuester, I think you feelin' a little green!"

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Remember When....

... I posted about this guy? Darren Criss? And said that great things were heading his way?
Well, those great things are here.

Hello, Dalton Academy!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Inspiration: Leah & Jon

It's probably strange for me, a 17 year old girl, to admit this, but I secretly love weddings.
I mean, everyone loves going to weddings, but I take the next step and bookmark wedding sites and peruse them to my heart's desire- for inspiration, for the happy stories, for the beauty!

I came across this gorgeous wedding here and I realized- I really admire all the creativity that's put into people's "big day". So much of a wedding reflects the couple's personal style, and this whimsical wedding is no exception!

Does anyone else get a Sound of Music Maria-running-across-the-mountains feel with this picture? LOVE the saturation.

Okay, the floral dresses are just too cute. I love how it looks so effortless- the mismatched shoes, the all-floral-but-all-different dresses; the wedding party really had a chance to show their inner selves too!

That wedding arch? BEAUTIFUL.
Can I just say that I'm in love with their color scheme? It's just so cheerful! Nothing's perfect because it's so different, but at the same time everything's perfect in the brightness and colors!

Running through the vineyards waving streamers? Yay! We're back at musical status!

Even the decor has the same whimsical feel- the vintage jars on the beams, the bright paper flowers, the streamers...

Handwriting love! Now why can't I paint like that at home?
And how cute is the beanbag toss through the sign? Perfect for kids and adults alike!

His socks = AMAZING.

Look at that.
So different, so similar, so mismatched, so perfect!

I don't even know that many flowers. I feel bad using the word "love" over and over again when describing this wedding, but that's the only word that comes to mind!

So beautiful.

{click here for more pictures and details}

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Rocky Horror Glee Show.

So I should probably say first that I've never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show... and that maybe makes me sound like a weirdo for wanting Glee to do it so badly, but really, this post is about TRADITION.
You see, last summer (The summer before this summer, just in case that wasn't completely clear. I know that I get confused when people say "last __" because you never know exactly, and... and this was a rant.) I went on a tour with my orchestra to New York. On that tour, we went on a dinner cruise that had dancing, which was good and fun and all, but I realized that our generation
has no dances.
You see, they were playing older songs like Thriller and Time Warp and all the "older people" were getting up and doing the move-by-move that they had learned when they were kids! And it made me think- we have nothing like that. We have no specific dance that everyone knows that is special for our generation-
what are our kids going to laugh at us about??

So the reason I love that Glee is doing a remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is because it's an important piece of culture that we are MISSING OUT on. We have no "Time Warp", and it's really pathetic when I dance to it by myself and no one gets the reference!

... and here's Glee's version of Time Warp- it's catchy, fun, and just a great song to dance to. (If you're creeped out by the beginning, skip to 0:23)
Want to see the original? Find it HERE.

I mean, don't you want something that brings your whole generation together?
Sorry, but I'm not really proud of being tied together by "Soulja Boy".

PS: if you're still having doubts about this Halloween episode, can I just say that Finn's playing Brad Majors?

I thought that would convince you!

Oh, the Joys of Birthdays.

Birthdays are like holidays.
They only come once a year (or twice if you're Chuck Norris, as a friend tells me) and are filled with fun and games.
Minus the games, because it was on Wednesday, a school day. And minus half the fun, because I had to stay up until 12:00 finishing my homework.

But it was still epic.

I was sash-ed "the Birthday Girl" for the day by Mahsa (the beauty in the purple shirt with yellow writing) and felt very regal as people turned their heads to stare at my queenly presence.
I enjoyed wonderful cupcakes and a cake baked for me by some great friends, and in all just felt loved.
(Not to mention, this was my first "Facebook birthday". Who knew I knew that many people?)

However, Lawrence Tech University has to take the prize for most awesome present.
First of all, it's a college- and it knew my birthday!
No, I wasn't considering applying, and yes, they got my e-mail and birth date off of the PSAT... but it was still cool.

I "clicked here" for my special birthday message, and out popped a little hamster on a new tab.

That's cute, I though to myself.
I don't really get why it's a hamster, but it's adorable! And pink!

And then, out of the corner of my eye, I spied a random creepy face poking out at me. And it loomed into the shot.
WHAT IS IT? I thought, frantically.

Um.. this is just scary.
Where did the hamster go?
Did the scary man kill him? Why is he creeping on me??

And thus, Lawrence Tech University gave me a birthday that I will never forget. Go Blue Devils!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Meet My New Love, Sam.

Yes, I've been a slacker blogger for a bit... all I can say is that life is majorly in the way.
And by life, I mean school. I'm currently reading both Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights for my AP Literature class, finished a 7 page essay on My Antonia, and had a Calculus and French test on the same day- not to mention the looming college apps.
Oh, and trying to have a social life? Yeah. Kind of hard.

It's just- busy.

This Monday Melody is brought to you by the (kind of) famous Sam Tsui, a Youtube phenomenon who is an AMAZING singer and has some great covers out there- Love the Way You Lie Mashup (my personal favorite), For Good (from Wicked- makes me cry every time.)
Oh, and did I mention he's going to be in a movie?

This song is one that he wrote himself, and has an extremely cliche- but so adorable- video.
I'm in love!

"Don't Want an Ending"

You're swooning too? Yeah, I thought so.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bad Boys Donate Blood.

So apparently October is the time for donating blood, because the posters are back up at our school. Yes. At first I was a little apprehensive- I mean, last year's posters were pretty gory- but now I'm just a little confused.
And I'm assuming the theme for the drive is "bad boys"... at least that's what I'm going to infer from these posters:

Is this really true? Are we going to insinuate that bad boys are the ones to donate blood?

I was especially confused at this one.
Are they waiting at the drive to prey on young, unsuspecting "good" girls? Are they actually donating blood? Are they going to steal the blood or something?
And most importantly- if I can truly find myself a greaser at this drive, please direct me there right away... kaythanks.

I'm also going to assume that this is for the ladies. Because no self-respecting man is going to go to a blood drive to meet his fictional enemy in the flesh.
Haha, I think my favorite part is that the poster doesn't say "Edward Cullen wants you to donate", no, it's way more direct. Edward wants YOU.
(And your blood, I'm assuming.)

Last but certainly not least-
What IN THE WORLD is this supposed to be?
Um, was I not well informed by this drive, which is in actuality a KISSING BOOTH?
Okay then.

What would YOU do to get people to donate blood?
Me? Just tell me there are cookies and I'll be there. Seriously.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hi! I'm ________.

It's come to my knowledge that I'm not super familiar with everyone reading my blog.
And that sort of bugs me.
NOT because I think you're a 50 year old man creepin' on me, but because I love to make friends and it stinks knowing that you may know me, but I don't know you!

Here's my little metaphor that will probably bomb and burn into flames (In the bad sense of the word. Not Katniss fire.)

Right now, I'm like Ross. Partially because he's awesome and dorky, partially because he can (apparently) lift one eyebrow and I'm jealous.
YOU, my lovely reader, are like Phoebe. See, we're essentially friends. We read the same blogs, drink the same milkshakes, etc.
But we're not sitting next to each other Monica-Ross-Rachel friends... yet.
(Yes, I understand that Monica and Ross are sister and brother. They're still close- who else would live within a 100 foot radius of their sibling for 10 years? Oh, I also understand that Rachel and Ross are an item. That's not really what I'm looking for either... just to clarify.)

Please excuse that verbal diarrhea.

What I'm trying to say is....

(sticking out hand)
My name is Allison.
I like dancing when it's not called for, grammar (because it's always called for), music- all of it, and family and friends and school and everything mostly.

What's your name?

PS- Please please try and help me not look like a lame-o. Say hello! I truly want to get to know your beautiful self!