Thursday, January 28, 2010

Here Comes the Sun!

Dear Sun,

After two weeks of horrid downpour that involved me coming home completely soaked through EVERY SINGLE LAYER I was wearing- and I hadn't even biked-
you finally decided to come out and grace us with your beautiful presence.
Thank you.


P.S. I'm really happy you're back and all, but can you please talk to whoever's controlling the temperature and ask him to turn the knob up a couple of notches? I'm freezing!


Christina said...

I'm not particularly happy about the rain leaving but I have to admit, it was beautiful today.

LaLa said...

haha. I like the rain but it's always nice to see sunshine and it was so lovely today but your right really cold for it being so sunny...

Marci Darling said...

I love a good sunshine after the rain :D

Sam said...

the sun came out here today too! it was lovely. and yes, whoever is in charge of the heat needs to turn it up!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

Yay for the sunshine! It's rainy here :(.

Alexandria said...

The sun has been glorious! I am good with the cold as long as there is sunshine!

Unfortunately, in my section of OUR glorious state the rain comes back tomorrow.

sad face.

abigail said...

you're freezing!? it's going to be 12ยบ here tomorrow. I think I might just stay home in bed and pretend it isn't so.

lois said...

ALLISON! ahahha I just realized you didn't have a facebook, so here's the Gershwin program I was talking about:

and she also did a program to Scheherazade

linnykins said...

A fortnight of downpour? Ohh noo! But yay for the sun finally being out... hopefully the weather gets warmer for you :D

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Amen girl! Amen! I need warmth & sun asap. It's in the 20s here today. Boo!

Marissa said...

Weather can be SO unpredictable.

Kellie said...

Seriously, the rain for 2 weeks was lame! I'm glad the sun is back too!

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Mar said...

After a month of nothing but snow and ice, I'd say I'm ready for some sun too.

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