Monday, February 1, 2010

Bike-ur Helmet!

Since my last hilarity with Darian and the "caterpill-ur" story, nothing much has happened...
until now.

I know this picture doesn't look like much, but if you look closely- you'll notice that Darian is wearing a bag under his beat-up and dirty helmet.


Me: Darian, are you FINALLY ready to bike?
D: Yes.
Me: You sure? You don't have to go to your locker? To the bathroom?
D: YES, Allison.
Me: Okay. Finally.
D: Geez, what am I, five? I don't take that long.
Me: Whatever you say, Darian.
D: (across the bike racks) Um.. Allison?
Me: Yes, Darian?
D: I sorta kinda forgot my helmet...
Me: Where? In Karina's car?
D: .... at home....
Me: Oh my goodness, Darian. You know you can't bike without a helmet on.
D: I know- I totally thought I had it!
Me: Okay, well, I really want you to bike with me.
D: What does that mean?
Me: It means that we're gonna find you a helmet to wear! Ughh.. can't you just BUY one?
D: Yes, I'll just stop at our school's bike shop-
Me: Dude. We should have one. OH MY GOODNESS. Okay, don't tell anyone about this.
We're gonna look for a helmet.
D: (pointing to a helmet on someone's bike) How about this one?
Me: Darian, don't be dumb. We can't just STEAL someone's helmet right off their bike! We have to look for one on the ground!
D: Um...
Me: (pointing to an abandoned corner of the bike rack) THERE! (picks up the ugliest helmet known to man- seriously- covered in dirt and cracked)
D: Ew, I don't want to wear it!
Me: Well, get over it, buddy! You need to bike home, and you need a helmet to do it! And I refuse to steal one off someone's bike.
Anne: (walking over to Darian and me) Whatcha guys doing?
Me: (dying of laughter) Oh, Darian's gonna put on that helmet...
Anne: EW! He's gonna get lice or something! Here- (pulling a bag out of her backpack) take this!
Me: Yup, just stick it over your head and put the helmet on top of it!
Anne: Oh, and by the way- my butt's been on that bag- I sit on it when it's raining!
Me: (laughter) Oh- My- Goodness...

----flashback ends----

So.. there. Darian is wearing Anne's butt bag on his head, and a dirty "borrowed" helmet on top of that (I made him promise to return it to its corner tomorrow).

Oh, and his mom made him wash his hair for lice after he got home. Lucky guy.


Margaret said...

BAHAHA! "Butt bag"! So sad.. poor Darian.

Seneca said...

Bah ha ha ha. That was so funny. You sound alot like me in the way of following all the rules. :D

Emily said...

Wow that is seriously unfortunate

Neha said...

wow i just fell off of my chair laughing :)

Abigail said...

LOSER. jk. Haha, love you Darian, UR SO COOL

Simon said...

I laughed at the "caterpillar" story and now I'm laughing at this "bik-ur" (haha, caught that) story. Nice.

Alexandria said...

I want to meet this kid. He is hilarious. As are you m'dear!

I love how you made him promise to return the helmet. What about the butt bag? Will he return that as well?

britt said...

hello there. just found your blog and its darling! wanna be bloggy friends?

Madi Rose said...

i LOVE your new button :) im trading!

Mar said...

Oh my dear... This was hilarious! Good thing he wore a helmet though, even if it was paired up with the butt-bag ;)

Karm W-H said...

oh darn. that was the best. made me crack up. haha poor guy. but its better to be safe than sorry.. (: love the new button my dear!

Darian said...

i returned the butt bag....

Kristin Lee said...

I'm laughing so very hard.

Pia said...

Haha, I love that story!
I hope he really didn't get any lice from that helmet.